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леонід позен

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леонід позен

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Слайд 1

Mass Media Presentation Mariia Brozhik Form 9-A Ukrainian medical university Named after O.O.Bohomolets

Слайд 2

Mass Media Press Radio Television

Слайд 3

Press Press includes newspapers and magazines: about different hobbies for professionals for people living in different places for children for young people for women about science about politics about technologies about sports Periodicals can be daily, weekly, quarterly or monthly

Слайд 4

Television Used to analyse socio-economic progress. If focuses more on reports, discussions, commentaries and dialogues with viewers Used for leisure. It include musical programs, concerts, sports programmes, programmes about animals, travelling etc.

Слайд 5

Radio Informative: broadcasts, different political, scientifically programmes, news, discussions Leisure: musical, entertaining programmes

Слайд 6

Conclusion Mass media is very important for the society, because it doesn’t only entertain people, but also does a great impact on them.

Слайд 7

My unfamiliar words: entertain- розважати impact- вплив analvse- аналізувати viewers- глядачи leisure- дозвілля includes- включає

Слайд 8

Information is taken from: In google In the text

Слайд 9

Thank you for attention

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