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Слайд 1

My Lifestyle

Слайд 2

I am 13 years old. I am toll and well-build. I am helpful, bat sometimes I am irresponsible.

Слайд 3

My family is big. I have a mother, a father, a brother, a sister. My father is strong and kind. My mother is beautiful women. She is toll and has green eyes. My sister and brother are disobedient.

Слайд 4

I am very energetic person because I have many hobby for example: TAEKVON-DO, basketball, tennis. I have three trains for a week.

Слайд 5

My best friends is Max. I first met him at school. He is toll and strong because I with him go to sport hall. He can keep secrets and always chair me up.

Слайд 6

Food is very important part of our health. So I eat health food. I have 3 meals a day. I like meat and seafood. I hate drinking milk. During the day I sometimes have snakes I eat apples.

Слайд 7

I need seven-hour sleep. I fall asleep easily. Before going to bed I read a book it helps me fall asleep. Very often I dream.

Слайд 8

Thank you for attention

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