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святий миколай

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святий миколай

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Famous Artists of Great Britain

Слайд 2

Thomas Gainsborough (1727 – 1788) Self-portrait

Слайд 3

Countess Mary Hove Mrs. Thomas Graham

Слайд 4

Robert Andrews and His Wife

Слайд 5

William Hoggart (1697 -1764) William Hoggart is the most colourful figure, whose paintings attract by their singular originality. Hoggart wrote series of paintings which, like acts of drama, were bound together by a plot. His famous series are “A Harlot’s Progress”, “A Rake’s Progress”, and “Marriage a la Mode”. Hoggart didn’t want to follow the old masters: the truth of life seemed to be of great importance. He is the creator of his own method. His contemporaries called his style the “modern moral subject”. Hoggart’s realism paved new ways for English art. Self-portrait

Слайд 6

A Rake’s Progress Жизнь распутника

Слайд 7

“Marriage a la Mode”. Модный брак

Слайд 8

Series “Elections”. In them Hoggart displays the English state system, her statesmen and the evil practices going on during election campaigns.

Слайд 9

The Graham Children

Слайд 10

Joshua Reynolds ( 1723 - 1792) Joshua Reynolds was a great English painter. He was born in Devonshire in the south of England. His father was a a school teacher. When the boy was 17, his father sent him to London where he learn from a portrait painter. People liked the portraits which Reynolds painted. Self-portrait

Слайд 11

Self-portrait Reynolds lived in Rome for two years. After that he spent five month in Parma, Florence and Venice. Then he visited other important cities in Italy. He went back to England and became a famous portrait painter.

Слайд 12

Sisters Worldgrave

Слайд 13

Lady Caroline Hard

Слайд 14

Lady Jane Holiday Nelly O’Brain

Слайд 15

William Turner (1775 - 1851) Self-portrait

Слайд 16

The Shipwreck Кораблекрушение

Слайд 17

Snow Storm Снежная буря Ганнибал с войском переходит через Альпы

Слайд 18

Fishermen at Sea

Слайд 19

Rain, Steam and Speed Дождь, пар и скорость

Слайд 20

Light and Colour Свет и цвет

Слайд 21

John Constable (1776 - 1837) John Constable is one of the greatest painters-realists of the 19th century. His pictures are as fresh and simple as the poetry of the Scotsman Robert Burns. As an artist he developed his style with great independence, studying nature and the world of old masters. He painted rain and sunshine; cool evenings and the heat of midday. In his landscapes he tried to express his attitude to his native country. Constable’s paintings show us his love for the countryside and his deep respect for the common people of his native country.

Слайд 22

The most popular painting ” The Hay Wain”. There is nothing artificial. You see a cottage half covered with old shady trees, a clear brook and a cart crossing it. In the distance you see the typical countryside near London. You can feel the damp atmosphere of London.

Слайд 23

The Cornfield Пашня

Слайд 24

The Farm in the Valley Ферма в долине

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