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Захист довкілля

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Захист довкілля

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Слайд 1

Слайд 2

Ii [i] Ea [i:] sit Easter t in each hit eat hill meat pick leaf The Tongue-TwisterEach Easter Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs

Слайд 3


Слайд 4

Find autumn words Novembertreebonfirewindcloudskiteleavesrain

Слайд 5

AutumnDescribe autumn, using the words:WarmCoolRainyWindyChangeableWeatherRainLeavesSeptember

Слайд 6

Write opposites.1. Summer -2. Hot -3. Dark -4. Warm -5. Day - 6. Black -

Слайд 7

What is the weather like in your area? Complete the sentences1) It’s sunny in….2) It’s cold in…3) It’ rainy in…4) It’s snowy in…5) It’s hot in…

Слайд 8

Checking Homework1. Family Tree2. Household Chores

Слайд 9

What time is it now?OK. It’s time to play!

Слайд 10

Physical Warming-up

Слайд 11


Слайд 12

Listening ActivityListen to the story“Clean Up The Countryside” 1. Pre-ListeningNew Vocabulary2. Listening 3. Post-ListeningDescribe the grove before the girls removed away the mess and after it.

Слайд 13

ReadingRead the descriptions & match them with the pictures

Слайд 14

Musical Warming-UpSing the song“The Future’s in Our Hands”

Слайд 15

Слайд 16

Homework & SummarizingYour task is to draw the pictures what is good and harmful for our planet.Thank you for your work.Your marks are…The lesson is over.Good-bye.

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