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Слайд 1

Cook Prepared Orlyuk Yana Student 24 PO (in, a)

Слайд 2

The cook is definitely a professional, artist, dietitian, psychologist and even a wizard

Слайд 3

Cook A cook is a person who professionally cooks food for other people, usually in public catering establishments

Слайд 4

The cook should be able to to prepare and decorate dishes and cooking; cook all kinds of hot and cold sauces, side dishes, sweet dishes; make and release a variety of dietary dishes; dishes for medical and preventive food

Слайд 5

The cook should know manufacturing technology; terms and conditions of storage; designing and serving of dishes; types and features of table serving; rules for creating a menu; the procedure for keeping records and preparing commodity reports

Слайд 6

From generation to generation people passed on the experience of cooking

Слайд 7

Nothing connects people like tasty food and a beautifully decorated table

Слайд 8

Cooks in art

Слайд 9

Snueders Frans (1579-1657) wrote a lot of paintings about cooking and chefs

Слайд 10

Florence Van Schutten

Слайд 11

Arsen Peter

Слайд 12

Competitive works

Слайд 13

Competitive works

Слайд 14

Thank you for attention!!!

Слайд 15


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