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Богдан Хмельницький

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Богдан Хмельницький

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Слайд 1

My Summer holidays Pupil 8 from Sahanskoho Vitaliya

Слайд 2

Everybody loves holidays because during our holidays we can relax and have fun. You can do whatever you like , you don’t have to get up too early , and do your homework. You get enough time to travel , play your favorite sport. Most of all I like summer holidays because they are the longest ones. Now I’d like to tell you about my summer holidays I spent in Kherson.

Слайд 3

SKADOVSK As soon as we reached Kherson ,I was stunned by the scenic views that I only saw in pictures. It was a splendid time. We swimmed, walked by seaside , and visited many sight. Excursion to the sharp Jarilgath.

Слайд 4

Pirate and I Stroll the SKADOVSK

Слайд 5

Go To the home Those days were amazing and unforgettable I wished if I had more days to spend over there. My holidays were exciting and full of joy. I enjoyed immensely. I think that Kherson is real paradise on earth. I dream to visit it again.

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