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Презентація на тему:
Навчання фонетиці у початковій школі

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Навчання фонетиці у початковій школі

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1


Слайд 2

LOOK AT THE PICTURE AND MIME I am a bear I am a hare I am a dog I am a frog

Слайд 3

POINT TO THE RIGHT PICTURE Tree Hen Three Leaf Goose Fish

Слайд 4


Слайд 5

LISTEN AND DRAW Teddy bear Computer Ball Plane Puzzle Scooter Space ship Blocks

Слайд 6

LISTEN AND REARRANGE THE PICTURES a pen, a pencil, a bag, a desk, a book, a blackboard, a pencil box

Слайд 7

LISTEN AND CLAP YOUR HANDS IF YOU HEAR SHORT (LONG) SOUNDS [i:] [ı] [a:] [Λ] pig car puppy arm tree funny very bus cherry farm bee gun leaf star [o] [o:] horse top dog short fox box or

Слайд 8

LISTEN AND BEAT THE RHYTHM A sailor went to sea To see what he could see But all that he could see Was sea, sea, sea. My favourite colour is blue My favourite number is two My favourite toy is guitar How merry and nice girls we are

Слайд 9

LISTEN AND UNDERLINE THE RIGHT SOUND [s] [z] Hens Nuts Pets Books Dogs Desks pens [ai] [i] [æ] [ei] Like Cat Pig Match Nine Table Big Rat Six Face Tiger Plate Pin Bag

Слайд 10

LISTEN AND GROUP THE WORDS WITH THE SAME SOUND [ou] [o:] [o] [u:] Form, log, rose, fork, sock, or, stone, boot, foot, cock

Слайд 11

LISTEN AND TICK OFF THE RHYMING WORDS I like all trees In autumn time A maple, a chestnut And a lime Their leaves are yellow, Red and brown, And they are slowly Falling down

Слайд 12

READ THE LINES USING PHONETIC SYMBOLS [i: s t o: w e s t h ou m iz best] [h e l θ iz әbΛv welθ] [evri dei in evri wei] [sou meni kΛntriz sou meni kΛstәmz]

Слайд 13

ROLEPLAY WITH TOYS I have a hare I have a bear My toys are here My toys are there I have a horse I have a fox I have a brown cow I have a hen I have a sheep And I’m playing now

Слайд 14

REPEAT THE LINES SPEEDING UP YOUR READING Down, down, down red, Yellow, brown, Autumn leaves tumble down, Autumn leaves crumble down, Autumn leaves bumble down Flaking and shaking Fumble down leaves

Слайд 15

SAY THE TONGUE-TWISTER REAL FAST If you, Andy, have two candies Give one candy to Sandy, Andy If you, Sandy, have two candies Give one candy to Andy, Sandy Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again

Слайд 16


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