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Michael Jackson - King of pop

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Michael Jackson - King of pop

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Слайд 1

Presentation prepared Maria Makar

Слайд 2

Name: Michael Joseph Jackson Brothers and sisters : Rebbie (Maureen Reilette, 29.05.1950) Jackie (Sigmund Esco, 04.05.1951) Tito (Toriano Adaryll, 15.10.1953) Jermaine (Lajaun, 11.12.1954) LaToya Yvonne (29.05.1956) Marlon David (12.03.1957) Randy (Steven Randall, 31.10.1961) Janet Damita Jo (16.05.1966) Birthday: on August, 29, 1958 in 12:13 Sign of zodiac : Virgo Birth-place: Gary, Indiana ,USA Parents: Katrine (04.05.1930) and Joseph Jacksons (26.06.1929)

Слайд 3

MARRIAGES 1.Liza Maria Presley (on May, 26, 1994 is January, 1996) 2.Deborah Rou (on November, 14, 1996 is October, 1999)

Слайд 4

K I D s Prince Michael Joseph 13.02.1997 Paris Michael Katrine 3.04.1998 A prince Michael is Second Blanket 21.03.2002

Слайд 5

LIFE & WORK OF KING In five-year age Michael Jackson began to come forward together with the brothers in a group Jackson 5 . In 7 years Michael was able to play the guitar Mike was known for the whole world in 11 years

Слайд 6

In 14 Michael Jackson first walked up the top of chart as a solo performer - due to song of "Ben" (1972). A musician became a young singer, possessor of hit № 1. In 1982 years Michael recorded album of "Thriller", him total drawing - 65 millions, record index which brought to the album of rank of the most successful solo plate of all times.It not broken record to this day.

Слайд 7

In 25 years Michael Jackson awarded with the personal Star on Hollywood Avenue of Glory, becoming one of young performers which such honour was given. For the career Michael was the recipient of an award 13 Grammy, and by many other rewards.

Слайд 8

A L B U M S Off the wall 08.1979 Thriller 01.12.1982 Bad 31.08.1987

Слайд 9

Dangerous 26.11.1991 History 15.06.1995 Blood on the dance floor 05.1997 Invincible 29.10.2001

Слайд 10

Number ones 18.11.2003 The Ultimate Collection 16.11.2004 This Is It 2009

Слайд 11

F I L M S 1978 1986 1988

Слайд 12

1996 2002 2004

Слайд 13

В O O K S 1988 1988 1992

Слайд 14

T O U R S "Victory" tour - The Jacksons Last turn of Michael Jackson in composition "Jacksons 5", "Victory" a turn began on July, 6, 1984 on the stadium of "Арроувхед" in Kansas City, state Missouri (THE USA) and came to an end on December, 9, 1984 on the stadium of "Jorjes" to Los Angeles, California (THE USA). The "Bad" World Tour is a world tour "The Bad" - the first world tour of Michael Jackson as solo-performer. Beginning of turn was on September, 12, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan and made off on January, 27, 1989 to Los Angeles, state California.

Слайд 15

"Dangerous" a turn is the greatest turn of Michael Jackson "Dangerous" a turn was the greatest turn of Michael Jackson, he surpassed his own record, set by the turn of "Bad" even. A turn began 21th June, 1992 on the Olympic stadium in Munich, Germany. Organization of the first concert occupied almost three days, and 20 trucks were required with an equipment. "History" a turn is the last turn of Michael Jackson Again, it a round-the-world tour became the greatest turn from some time conducted by any performer to it. Michael came forward on 82 concerts, in general complication on his concerts came more than 4,5 million admirers in 58 cities in 35 countries and on 5 continents - on the average 54 878 persons came at concert!

Слайд 16

What about sunrise What about rain What about all the things That you said we were to gain... What about killing fields Is there a time What about all the things That you said was yours and mine... Did you ever stop to notice All the blood we've shed before Did you ever stop to notice The crying Earth, these weeping shores? Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah What have we done to the world Look what we've done What about all the peace That you pledge your only son... What about flowering fields Is there a time What about all the dreams That you said was yours and mine... Did you ever stop to notice All the children dead from war Did you ever stop to notice The crying Earth these weeping shores Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah I used to dream I used to glance beyond the stars Now I don't know where we are Although I know we've drifted far Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah Hey, what about yesterday (What about us) What about the seas (What about us) The heavens are falling down (What about us) I can't even breathe (What about us) What about the bleeding Earth (What about us) Can't we feel its wounds (What about us) What about nature's worth (ooo, ooo) It's our planet's womb (What about us) What about animals (What about it) We've turned kingdoms to dust (What about us) What about elephants (What about us) Have we lost their trust (What about us) What about crying whales (What about us) We're ravaging the seas (What about us) What about forest trails (ooo, ooo) Burnt despite our pleas (What about us) What about the holy land (What about it) Torn apart by creed (What about us) (What about us) Can't we set him free (What about us) What about children dying (What about us) Can't you hear them cry (What about us) Where did we go wrong (ooo, ooo) Someone tell me why (What about us) What about babies (What about it) What about the days (What about us) What about all their joy (What about us) What about the man (What about us) What about the crying man (What about us) What about Abraham (What about us) What about death again Do we give a damn hooo, hooo (12) Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaaah EATH SONG

Слайд 17

He compelled this world to dance and did him better

Слайд 18

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