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Government of English-speaking countries

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Government of English-speaking countries

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The United Kingdom is a unitary state, not federal. It is a constitutional monarchy. The powers of the Queen are limited by Parliament. The Constitution of Great Britain is unwritten. The parliament consists of two parts: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Every citizen of Great Britain who is 18 years old and the has the rights to vote can vote for a Member of Parliament.

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The USA is president republic, which consist of 50 states. The American presidential election is fixed by law every four years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The Constitution of the USA, the oldest constitution in the world, was adopted in 1787. The first President of the USA was George Washington.

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Canada is a federal state consisting of 10 provinces and two territories, which are managed by the federal government. Officially Canada is a dominion within the Commonwealth. Canada became independent in 1867, when Britain granted it the status of dominion. In 1931 the British government recognized the independence of Canada's internal and foreign policy. Canada has painted nekodyfikovana Constitution is fundamental law of the country consists of not one but a series of acts......

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Australian Constitution came into force on January 1, 1901. Australia has six states and two self- units. The highest legislative power belongs to the federal parliament, consisting of the Queen of Great Britain, which represents its appointed governor-general, and two chambers: House of Representatives, elected in proportion to the total population of the state for 3 years, and the Senate, where 10 senators elected from each state the period of 6 years. Executive power is vested in the Governor-General and Cabinet.

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Head of State - Queen of Great Britain, represented by the governor general. Legislature - unicameral parliament. Country - Member of the British Commonwealth. Administrative divisions: 16 statistical areas. The New Zealand owned by the Cook Islands, Tokelau and Fr. Niue in the Pacific Ocean and the Ross dependency in Antarctica.

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