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About Ukraine in English

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About Ukraine in English

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Слайд 2

Ukraine Flag

Слайд 3

Coat of arms

Слайд 4

Anthem Ukraine's freedom has not yet perished, nor has her glory, Upon us, fellow Ukrainians, fate shall smile once more. Our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun, And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own. We'll lay down our souls and bodies to attain our freedom, And we'll show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation. We'll stand together for freedom, from the Syan to the Don, We will not allow others to rule in our motherland. The Black Sea will smile and grandfather Dnipro will rejoice, For in our own Ukraine fortune shall flourish again. Our persistence and our sincere toils will be rewarded, And freedom's song will resound throughout all of Ukraine. Echoing off the Carpathians, and rumbling across the steppes, Ukraine's fame and glory will be known among all nations.

Слайд 5

Ukraine, with a territory of 603.7 thousand sq kilometers and a population of 48.4 million people, is one of the biggest countries of Europe. Administratively, Ukraine is made up of 24 Oblasts and one Autonomous Republic (Crimea). The capital city is Kyiv. Geography

Слайд 6

Ukraine is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova on the west and south-west, and by Belarus and Russia on the north and north-east; on the south, Ukraine is bordered by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Geography

Слайд 7

The longest river is Dnepr, and the biggest mountain chain is the Carpathians. It is in the Carpathians that the geographical centre of Europe is located. Geography

Слайд 8

Among 454 cities and towns of Ukraine the biggest are: Kyiv (population 2.6 million); Kharkiv (population 1.6 million); Dnipropetrovsk (population 1.1 million); Odesa (population 1.1 million); Donetsk (population 1.1 million), and Lviv (population 802 thousand). Geography

Слайд 9

The population of Ukraine is 48.5 million people. The number of ethnic Ukrainians is over 37.5 million people (77.8 of the entire population); over 8 million people are ethnic Russians (17.3 percent of the entire population). 67.5 percent of the Ukrainian citizens regard Ukrainian as their mother tongue. Geography

Слайд 10

Ukraine’s climate is temperate continental, and subtropical at the southern coast of the Crimea. The mean temperature in January is — 5 oC (+ 23 F) and + 20 oC (68 F) in July. Climate

Слайд 11

95 percent of the Ukrainian territory is spread out over the Eastern European Plain; 5 percent of the territory is taken up by mountainous areas; 14 percent of the land is covered with forests; 4 percent — water reservoirs; 1.6 percent — swamps. 71 percent of all the land in Ukraine is arable, with 12 million hectares (30 million acres) having the fertile black soil (chernozem). 5 percent of the world’s mineral resources are concentrated in Ukraine (coal; iron and manganese ores; uranium; graphite, and rock-salt). Natural resources

Слайд 12

Ukraine is tolerant to religious confessions of all kinds. The biggest religious denominations are the Orthodox Churches of the Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchates (the Kyiv Patriarchate, dissolved in the Russian Empire, was re-established after Ukraine’s independence). The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and the Greco-Catholic Church, banned in the Soviet Union, were revived after Ukraine regained her independence. Religion

Слайд 13

1 January — New Year’s 7 January — Christmas 8 March — International Women’s Day 27 April (2003) — Easter 1-2 May — Labour Days 9 May — Victory in Europe Day 15 June (2003) — Trinity 28 June — Constitution Day 24 August — Independence Day State holidays

Слайд 14

Facts about capital Kiev Area: 827 sq km Location: Kiev an region, on the River Dnepr Geographic coordinates: 50 28 N, 30 29 E Population: 2,900,000 (2001 est.) Foundation: 482 A.D. Climate: Temperate continental. It is mainly characterized by plentiful precipitation and cloudiness in winter and f all. Winters are usually long and cold. Summers are short but can be pretty hot. UTC/GMT Offset: UTC/GMT + 2 hours

Слайд 15

Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Слайд 16

Holy Sophia

Слайд 17

St Andrew’s

Слайд 18

House with chimeras

Слайд 19

Golden Gate

Слайд 20

Mykhailivsky Zlatoverkhy Cathedral

Слайд 21

Monument Mother Homeland

Слайд 22

From Ukraine with love

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