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Презентація на тему:
“The King is dead, long live the king!’’

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“The King is dead, long live the king!’’

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Слайд 1

Слайд 2

We shall try to elucidate:

Слайд 3

Is the British Parliament a model for all democratic countries or an anachronism? 2. Is political system of Great Britain connected with history, culture and traditions of the country? 3. What political party would you support if you were British? Our teacher asked us questions:

Слайд 4

We are going to… study the structure of British Parliament; compare the two houses; analyze three branches of power; characterize the main political parties of Great Britain.

Слайд 5

Three sections of the Parliament in Britain The House of Commons ( elected, 650 MP ) The Speaker ( presiding officer of the House of Commons ) The Lord Chancellor ( Speaker of the House of Lords ) The centre of pomp and ceremony ( the speech from the Throne; the changing of the Guard. The House of Lords ( not elected, about 1000 peers ) The Monarch ( King or Queen ) reigns, but does not rule

Слайд 6

The House of Commons The House of Lords members total - 650 ( elected ) England – 523 Scotland – 72 Wales – 38 Northern Ireland - 17 not elected 2 archbishops 25 bishops hereditary and life peers presided over by The Speaker The Lord Chancellor functions to legislate can revise Bills sent to it by the House of Commons but it can delay a Bill from becoming a law for 12 months

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

The political Parties in Britain The Conservative Party The Labour Party The Liberal Party The Communist Party The Green Party The Nationalist Party

Слайд 9

Conclusion: The constitutional monarchy demonstrates stability, democracy and connection with the history of the country.

Слайд 10

ТЕСТ З ПРЕДМЕТУ на тему “The British State Organization “ 1. Great Britain is a ____________ a) Democratic Republic b) Federal Union c) Parliamentary monarchy 2. A new Government is formed by the ___________ a) Queen b) Lord Chancellor c) Prime Minister 3.The Speaker of the House of Commons is chosen by the __________ a) Queen b) House of Commons c) House of Lords 4. There are ______ members in the House of Commons. a) 350 b) 650 c) 450 5.The Act of 1937 limited the number of the Cabinet members to _________ a) 15 b) 12 c) 17 6.Now the Prime Minister of Great Britain is _________________ a) Tony Blair b) Margaret Thatcher c) Gordon Brown 7.The leader of Government Party becomes the _____________ a) Speaker b) Lord Chancellor c) Prime minister

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