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Презентація на тему:
looking for a job

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looking for a job

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Слайд 1

looking for a job Lesson plan 1. Checking up the Homework 2. Warming-up : Why do we need to work? (Mind-map, video “Friends”) 3. Vocabulary: Variety of professions (Competition) 4. Writing: The best and the worst profession (survey) 5. Speaking: Taking the interview (Dialogue) 6. Instructions for homework 7. Summarizing

Слайд 2

Why do we need to work? to earn money to be independent to develop your skills to have more friends Reasons for having a job

Слайд 3

video “Friends” Answer the questions: 1. what is Rachel trained for? 2. How many interviews was she laughed out? 3. How is she? Is she upbeat? 4. How did she pay for the boots? 5. Was it necessary for her to cut the credit cards?

Слайд 4

Variety of professions agronomist administrator actor, actress architect basketball player biologist boxer accountant web-designer veterinary business owner driver Doctor milkmaid journalist consultant cosmetologist courier police officer minister tax inspector waiter, waitress guard hairdresser interpreter pilot writer cook lawyer economist electrician dancer

Слайд 5

The best and the worst profession The best profession for me advantages The worst profession Disadvantages Businessman Money Agronomist Livein the village Fashion model You’ll be famous dentist The peopleare frightened Driver You may drive a car Electrician You have tobe very careful

Слайд 6

Taking the interview Listen to the interview http://www.englishtown.com/community/Channels/lesson.aspx?dialogName=EOM78 1. Was the interview successful ? 2. What is the profession of the man? 3. Is it good to joke during the interview?

Слайд 7

Instructions for homework Write a story “My future profession. Why did I make this choice”.

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