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Презентація на тему:
Walking around the city

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Walking around the city

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Walking around the city

Слайд 2

Warming-up Stop, look, listen before you cross the street. Use your eyes, use your ears and then use your feet.

Слайд 3

use your eyes look

Слайд 4

use your ears listen

Слайд 5

use your feet go

Слайд 6

What do you know about London? What is London? What is the river in London called? What famous clock can you see in London? What park is the famous London Zoo is?

Слайд 7

After the first listening Is there the National Gallery in London? Is there the Monument of Admiral Nelson in London? Where is the Monument of Admiral Nelson? Is there Buckingham Palace in London? What is Buckingham Palace? Are there any churches in London? What are their names?

Слайд 8

Choose the right answer 1. National Gallery is … a) to the right of us; b) in front of us; c) to the left of us.

Слайд 9

Choose the right answer 2.… has got a fine collection of paintings. a) Westminster Abbey; b) National Gallery; c) Piccadilly Circus.

Слайд 10

Choose the right answer 3. The Monument of Admiral Nelson is… a) in the center of the square; b) to the left of the square; c) to the right of the square.

Слайд 11

Choose the right answer 4. The Monument of Admiral Nelson is called … a) the Column Monument; b) the Nelson Column; c) the Monument Column.

Слайд 12

Choose the right answer 5. Piccadilly Circus is a meeting place of … streets. a) five; b) seven; c) six.

Слайд 13

Choose the right answer 6. To make our way to Buckingham Palace we must pass… a) Disneyland; b) Parliament Square; c) Hide Park.

Слайд 14

Choose the right answer 7. And Buckingham Palace is… a) in front of us; b) to the left of us; c) to the right of us.

Слайд 15

Choose the right answer 8. Buckingham Palace is a home place of … a) the King; b) the Queen; c) the Prince.

Слайд 16

Choose the right answer 9. When the flag is flying the Queen is … a) sleeping; b) at home; c) doing shopping.

Слайд 17

Choose the right answer 10. The Guard change at… every day. a) 11 o’clock; b) 12 o’clock; c) 10 o’clock.

Слайд 18

Choose the right answer 11. … is the most interesting place in the world. a) Cambridge; b) Oxford; c) London.

Слайд 19

Choose the right answer 12. There are about … streets in London. a) 10.000; b) 1.000.000; c) 100.

Слайд 20

Choose the right answer 13. About … people live in the city. a) 800; b) 8.000; c) 8.000.000.

Слайд 21

Choose the right answer 14. There are a lot of … over the river Thames. a) cinemas; b) bridges; c) banks.

Слайд 22

Choose the right answer 15. … is the most famous bridge in London. a) Westminster Bridge; b) Tower Bridge; c) London Bridge.

Слайд 23

Choose the right answer 16. From Tower Bridge you can see the … a) Westminster Abbey; b) St. Paul’s Cathedral; c) Tower of London.

Слайд 24

Choose the right answer 17. … is one of the oldest royal churches. a) Tower Bridge; b) Nelson Column; c) Westminster Abbey.

Слайд 25

Choose the right answer 18. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a wonderful classical church… in Britain. a) shop; b) church; c) theatre.

Слайд 26

HOMEWORK Ex. 4, p.66-67 (in writing form)

Слайд 27

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