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Презентація на тему:
Schools around the world

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Schools around the world

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Слайд 1

Schools around the world

Слайд 2

New words Homograph Is a group of words that share the same spelling but have different meaning. Trimester Is a system that divides the academic year into three terms which can be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 16 weeks each.

Слайд 3

Examples of Homograph Bank (embankment), (place where money is kept) Fair (just, or pleasing in appearance), (an exhibition or event) Bat (a piece of sporting equipment, an animal) Homophone- same pronunciation but different spelling …. content - happy or satisfied/all that is contained inside something. desert - a hot, arid region/to leave. fine - very good/sharp or keen/delicate or subtle/a sum of money paid to settle a matter.

Слайд 4

What country is this school from? Students attend school for 200 days a year The school year is from late January to mid December Typical school day is between 9:00 – 3:30 They must attend school for 11 years There is 6 computers per classroom Their summer vacation is mid December to late January. 18 students per class. Australia , kindergarten followed by year 1-year 6, then secondary from year 7-12

Слайд 5

What is the name of its capital? Australia, capital city is Canberra Name other big cities in Australia?

Слайд 6

What currency is used in Australia? Australian dollar. Did you know that Australia is often called Oz or the Land down under.

Слайд 7

Australian sport is called Aussie rules Surfing is also popular as Australia has amazing beaches.

Слайд 8

Australia’s tourist hot spots Palm beach in Sydney. Where they film the tv show Home and Away. Ayers Rock in Australia is one of the world’s great natural wonders. The rock is at its visual best at sunrise and sunset. Most of the travelers like to climb the rock by using an ancient aboriginal trail

Слайд 9

Sydney Opera house

Слайд 10

Where do I go to school? My school day starts at 7 and runs until noon We go home for lunch and have it with our families We must wear a uniform We study Math, Geography, History, science, Portuguese, and P.E Art and music are left out in poorer schools 30 students per class and 1 computer per class Brazil.

Слайд 11

What is the capital of Brazil? Brasillia

Слайд 12

What is the currency of brazil? Brazilian Real

Слайд 13

Name the most famous attraction in Brazil? Christ the redeemer

Слайд 14

Where am I from? My school year starts in September until mid July Summer vacation is spent studying for entrance exams or in summer classes School day is from 7.30-5.00 with a 2 hour lunch break We are given uniforms but we’re not required to wear them 21 students per class, 1 computer between 2 students Chinese and math are the most tested and tested at the end of each year. China

Слайд 15

What is the capital of China? Beijing

Слайд 16

What is the currency of China? Renminbi – RMB

Слайд 17

Name one main attraction in China? The great wall

Слайд 18

Where do I go to school? My nation was the first in America to offer free education 28 students per class, we must wear our uniform for 9 years of education We have to bring our own lunch and snacks We begin college at the age of 15 We have vacation for 2 months from Dec-Feb and 3 weeks in July Costa Rica

Слайд 19

What is the capital of Costa Rica? San Jose

Слайд 20

Traditional food in Costa Rico Gallo Pinto and Casado

Слайд 21

What country is this school in? School day is from 8 am – 4 pm with a half day on Saturday , no school on Wednesday and Sunday Lunch is a 2 hour break for public schools Students attend school from 6-18 years There are 23 students on average per class School year starts in August and finishes in June The school year is 4, seven week terms with 1-2 weeks vacation between each term France

Слайд 22

Name the continent that France is in ?

Слайд 23

Name the capital of France? Name as many countries as you can in Europe?

Слайд 24

What is the currency they use in Europe? Euro

Слайд 25

What is the main type of food in France? A French baguette is France’s signature dish. It can be eating in every country. Name what you can eat a baguette with ? This is a middle schools student lunch in a French school. How is this lunch different to what you eat for your lunch?

Слайд 26

What are the main sports in France? The main cycling tour is called Tour de France, which happens every year for cyclists. Tennis is also a popular sport in France, along with the main sports of Soccer and Rugby.

Слайд 27

These are the traditional clothes that girls in Britany France wear. This is the modern day clothes in Paris. Is it different to your style of clothing?

Слайд 28

Name some French tourist attractions Arc De Triump, Eiffel Tower

Слайд 29

What country do I go to school in? I go to school for 10 months , 200 days The year starts from September – June 27 students per classroom Boys and girls are educated separately until University level I started school at the age of 5 and I must pass an exam at the end of every year to move into the next grade level. We have mobile libraries that calls to at least 40 schools Religion is required Iran

Слайд 30

Where am I from ? My school runs on a trimester schedule The academic year begins in April and ends the following March, with breaks for summer, winter and spring. Uniforms are required and there are strict rules regarding hair, shoes, socks, make up and skirt length 29 students per class with 5-6 computers Japan

Слайд 31

What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo

Слайд 32

What is the currency in Japan?

Слайд 33

Where do I go to school? My school has three terms, each 13 weeks long with a month break between each My school day is from 8-4 Uniforms are mandatory in government schools 30 students per class, Lunch is provided, but some of us keep it and bring it home and share with our families. Kenya – learn Kiswhaili language, English, math , science, music, history, geography, civics, religion,

Слайд 34

Where is my school? I go to school from the 1st of September until the end of May I attend classes from 8.30- 3.00 pm I have to wear a uniform, but in each school it is different We have the same students in our class from grade 1-9 We have 20-30 students per class, we must go to school until 9th grade and then 10th and 11th are optional Russia

Слайд 35

What is the capital of Russia? Moscow

Слайд 36

What am I from? Our school year starts in September and finishes in June We have 1 and a half months for summer vacation, three weeks for winter, a week for spring, a week for Easter and a week for Autumn We have exams at the end of each semester Average between 25-28 students per class Our school day is from 9.00-3.30, with 50 minutes for lunch and a 10 minute mid morning break at 11 Our classes are 35 minutes long Ireland

Слайд 37

Name the capital of Ireland? What Languages do people in Ireland speak ? 1. Irish and 2.English.

Слайд 38

Irish traditions 1. In Ireland they play the violin, according, tin whistle , banjo and the borran. 2. Can you name any other musical instruments? 3. What are the popular instruments played in Korea? Irish dancing and set dancing are the main styles of dancing in Ireland

Слайд 39

Food from Ireland Irelands main food is potatoes. All traditional dishes have potatoes with them. Irish stew- Made with potatoes, stewed beef, carrots and sauce Bacon and cabbage- another traditional Irish dinner made from bacon, potatoes, cabbage and white sauce.

Слайд 40

Think of questions that you would ask a friend if they went to a school in a different country? What school do you go to? What type of school is it? What year are you in? How long is your semester? How long is your school day? What are the subjects that you are taking this semester? What do you do after school? Is there anything special about your school? If so what?

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