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National parks of the United Kingdom

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National parks of the United Kingdom

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Слайд 1

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 2

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 3

Quiz 1 Nosova Natalya

Слайд 4

Try this quiz to see how much you know about National Parks. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 5

Read each of these statements. Which ones are true? Which are false? Nosova Natalya

Слайд 6

A National Park is a large area of countryside which is looked after extra carefully. 2. National Parks are here to help look after beautiful countryside. 3. A National Park is a kind of theme park. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 7

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 8

4. A National Park is about the same size as a school playground. 5. National Park staff help to stop the countryside from being spoiled. 6. National Parks are here to help look after wildlife. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 9

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 10

7. All kinds of people live and work in the National Parks. 8. National Park Authorities help people to learn about and enjoy the countryside. 9. New building is not controlled in our National Parks. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 11

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 12

10. Only National Park staff live in National Parks. 11. National Parks are here to look after historic sites and buildings. 12. The land in National Parks belongs to lots of different people. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

13. Everyone has a right to visit the National Parks. 14. Large numbers of visitors do not cause problems for National Parks. 15. By following the Country Code I can help to look after the National Parks. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 15

Слайд 16

Quiz 2 Nosova Natalya

Слайд 17

National Parks are protected areas - what do they protect in the UK? The landscape and wildlife The people who live, work and visit there The people who live there & their villages, our cultural heritage, landscape & wildlife Nosova Natalya

Слайд 18

How much percentage of land in the UK is covered by National Parks? 2% 10% 45%

Слайд 19

How many National Parks are there in the UK? 11 (South Downs in progress) 15 (South Downs in progress) 23 (South Downs in Progress)

Слайд 20

Where are the National Parks in the UK? 10 in England, 2 in Scotland, 3 in Wales 8 in England, 3 in Scotland, 2 in Wales 15 in England, 4 in Scotland, 5 in Wales Nosova Natalya

Слайд 21

When & where was the first ever National Park set up? In the UK, in Yelling in 1872 In the USA, in Yellowstone in 1984 In the USA, in Yellowstone in 1872 Nosova Natalya

Слайд 22

Who was John Dower? A painter (1880 ? 1945), who produced famous landscape pictures of National Parks An architect and active walker, who wrote a report on how to set up UK National Parks in 1945 A Duke (1945 ? 1993), who owned large amounts of land in several National Parks

Слайд 23

Which is the most Northern National Park in the UK? Northumberland Loch Lomond & The Trossachs Cairngorms Nosova Natalya

Слайд 24

When was the Peak District, the first National Park in the UK set up? 1948 1963 1951 Nosova Natalya

Слайд 25

Which National Park has the longest Coastline of 418km? Pembrokeshire Coast Exmoor Loch Lomond & The Trossachs Nosova Natalya

Слайд 26

Quiz 3 Nosova Natalya

Слайд 27

You're standing on a cliff with a surfboard watching the waves crash against the cliffs below. Peak District Pembrokeshire Coast Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Nosova Natalya

Слайд 28

You’re riding your bike across a shallow woodland stream, surrounded by leafy trees. Broads Snowdonia New Forest Nosova Natalya

Слайд 29

You’re running alone a limestone pavement, with gentle hills, valleys and farmland around you. Yorkshire Dales Cairngorms Exmoor Nosova Natalya

Слайд 30

You're rowing across a long thin lake to reach an island to eat your picnic on! Brecon Beacons North York Moors Lake District Nosova Natalya

Слайд 31

Your kite is flying in the breeze, above a rocky moorland. Dartmoor Cairngorms Broads Nosova Natalya

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