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Тризм в Індії

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Тризм в Індії

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Skydiving is one of the types of parachute sports, which is a free drop. This free drop lasts from the moment the jump from the plane before the parachute disclosure. During the flight, Skydaiver also perform various acrobatic exercises and tricks. The main task is to reveal the dome of the parachute at the minimum distance from the Earth.

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Directions Skydayving There are several directions: Individual acrobatics - an athlete independently performs a jump; Group acrobatics - several skidyvers synchronously perform a jump; Freestyle - athletes freely perform various movements in the air, similar to dance; Skyrserfing - an athlete steer in the air with a special board, which is attached to his legs; Double diving - at a distance of 15 meters from the sea surface, the athlete removes the dome and dives under the water.

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Who can do skawyving Skydayving come from classic parachute sports. Before jumping, the athletes train in the aerodynamic tube. To get admission to single jumps, you need to learn and get a certificate for flight. With an instructor can jump anyone. To do this, contact the Skydayving Center.

Слайд 5

Skidayving in Odessa In Odessa, there is a club "Antey", which conducts classes at the Hydroport airfield and Limansky airport. Another Ukrainian aviation and sports club is located in Vinnitsa. He works at the "Sutty" airfield.

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