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Пізнавальні задачі. Версія 1

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Пізнавальні задачі. Версія 1

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Слайд 1

ARCHIMEDES Born 287B.C.? - 212B.C. Discoverer of Pi

Слайд 2

Who is Archimedes? Archimedes is a Greek Mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Few details of his life are known, but he was one of the leading scientist and mathematician in the classic antiquity. He is known for his inventions, including siege engines and the screw pump that bears his name

Слайд 3

Life Archimedes was born in Syracuse, the biggest establishment in Sicily. He probably studied in Alexandria, Egypt. There he studied with the disciples of Euclid, and spent the rest of his life in Syracuse.

Слайд 4

[ Inventions ] The Lever Archimedes defined the principle of the lever and is credited with inventing the compound pulley.

Слайд 5

[Inventions] The Screw The screw is one of the many inventions of Archimedes’ life. We still use the screw to build, hold things together, and even unearth things.

Слайд 6

Death Nobody really knows how Archimedes died, but there are many versions of his death. One version his death was that he was drawing in the sand and a soldier killed him because Archimedes yelled at him.

Слайд 7

Archimedes Legacy There is a crater on the Moon that is named Archimedes, and a lunar mountain range, the Montes Archimedes, in his honor. The asteroid 3600 Archimedes is named after him The Fields medal for outstanding mathematics carries a portrait of Archimedes Eureka! Is California’s motto

Слайд 8

Bibliography “Archimedes.” http://www.terraworld.net/users/d/devans/Archimed.htm. (May 5, 1998). World Book Encyclopedia, Vol. 1.

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