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Слайд 1

Biotechnology Prepared by student group BT-11 Yasyura Vasil

Слайд 2

Biotechnology -use of living organisms and biological processes in production. Biotechnology - interdisciplinary field that has emerged at the intersection of biological, chemical and technical sciences. With the development of biotechnology associate solving global problems of humanity.

Слайд 3

Main research areas Development of scientific bases of new biotechnologies using methods of molecular biology, genetic and cell engineering. Preparation and biomass of microorganisms and products of microbiological synthesis. Study of physicochemical and biochemical bases of biotechnological processes. Using viruses to create new biotechnology.

Слайд 4

Biotechnology in medicine In medicine, biotechnology techniques and methods play a major role in the creation of new bioactive substances and drugs intended for the early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Antibiotics - the largest class of pharmaceutical compounds derived microbiological synthesis.

Слайд 5

Biotechnology in manufacturing Biotechnological processes using microorganisms and enzymes in the modern technical level widely used in the food industry. Industrial cultivation of microbial, plant and animal cells used to produce many valuable compounds - enzymes,vitamins, antibiotics and others.

Слайд 6

. Currently, biotechnology solves problems not only create medicine or food by fermentation, using it is, for example, the development of mineral resources. In some countries, biotechnology is declared "a strategic industry", and "national priority".

Слайд 7

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