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Вернісаж моделей

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Вернісаж моделей

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Слайд 2

Oxford a historic city in Oxford shire a short name for Oxford University

Слайд 3

Welcome to the University of Oxford People from all walks of life and all parts of the world have been visiting us for nine centuries. Oxford was the first University in the English-speaking world.

Слайд 4

Oxford University is one of the two oldest, most prestigious and most aristocratic British universities. It was created in 1249. Students come to Oxford from 140 different countries and territories.

Слайд 5

Studying at Oxford Oxford is a collegiate university. It consists of 39 self-governing colleges: 29 colleges for men, 5 colleges for women, 5 colleges for both men and women members. Each college has its own hall, chapel and library. The university has about 10,000 students.

Слайд 6

This is interesting… The name 'Oxford' derives from the Anglo-Saxon 'Oxnaforda' meaning a ford for oxen. Natives and residents of Oxford, along with member of the University are known as 'Oxonians'. At Oxford University with an electric bell that rings continuously since 1840. The word 'snob' actually originated at Oxford. It started off as an abbreviated form of the Latin phrase 'sine nobilitate', which means 'without nobility'.

Слайд 7

College building (Oxford)

Слайд 8

Oxford University (center)

Слайд 9


Слайд 10

View of the city

Слайд 11

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