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Презентація на тему:
Моя професія - холодильщик

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Моя професія - холодильщик

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Слайд 1

My future profession Presentation outline 1 The history 2 Specialities 3 Ukraine Companies , where work our students

Слайд 2

The history The need for a man who served like refrigerators (then called them "home ice") originated in the mid-18th century. Then was the refrigerator cabinet, which had two cameras - one camera are served ice and the other for storage. A man came and changed weekly cubic ice (unfrozen) a new one.

Слайд 3

In KNTUA them. P. Vasilenko training is conducted in 16 specialties in 5 educational and research institutions-time study and 12 specializations educational institute of distance and e-learning. I would like to talk about refrigeration compartment. Specialities

Слайд 4

Students have their food enterprises in such cities and regions: ice cream factory JSC "Hladoprom" SPE "Tehnoholod" SUIP LLC "Pole", JSC "Kharkov fat factory", JSC "Kharkiv biscuit factory", OJSC "Wimm-The majority Dann Ukraine "-" Kharkov dairy Plant ", LLC" Saltovsky Meat Plant ", LLC" Volchansky Meat Plant ", LLC" Bakery Kulynichivskyy. " Ukraine Companies , where work our students

Слайд 5

Plant a holding our graduates: mechanic nalahodzhuvalnyk; mechanic shop, station; refrigeration mechanic, diesel, refrigeration units Ice; techniques of operation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment; Master Compressor Plant.

Слайд 6

Learning process takes place in a spacious modern classrooms, workshops,   laboratories equipped with the latest technical facilities, modern equipment and devices. Refrigeration department has laboratory refrigerating compressor machines, automation, electrical, hydraulic and heat transfer offices, refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical safety. The college is mounted five existing refrigeration units that are equipped with modern appliances automation.

Слайд 7

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