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Презентація на тему:
M-learning v/s M-Teaching

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M-learning v/s M-Teaching

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Слайд 2

The purpose of this project consists of receiving more knowledge of modern technology To know teacher's opinion about gadgets To know pupils' opinion about gadgets.

Слайд 3

1.What gadgets do you use at home? 2. What gadgets do you use at school and what subjects for?

Слайд 4

The first pupil: -At school, she uses the mobile phone with the Internet connection for information on subjects such as history, social studies, the English language. -At home she uses the computer to write reports. 2. -The second pupil does not use anything at school. -At home she uses a laptop and the Internet. 3. -The third student uses iPhone at school to get useful information at lessons. -At home she uses a computer and a calculator.

Слайд 5

Questions: How do you understand letter ‘m’? What innovations do you want at your lessons? Are you ready to use them? What gadgets can you use and would like your pupils use at your lessons and how? What pros and cons of this method do you see?

Слайд 6

Natalia Alexandrovna The teacher of chemistry

Слайд 7

1) About m-teaching: Natalia Alexandrovna thinks that m-teaching means multi teaching. She doesn’t know why, but this is her first association. 2) About gadgets: At her lessons she uses only a computer. But she doesn’t allow students to use gadgets in the classroom.

Слайд 8

3) pros: In her opinion, studying with gadgets is a modern form of education. With gadgets you can find a lot of useful information and it’s really comfortable. cons: Student use the gadgets for other purposes (not for education) For example: computer games.

Слайд 9

I think this project is very interesting . I heard about a mobile teaching, but I had never thought about it. In my opinion, it was very interesting to know opinions of teachers and students. It is very useful information. Of course, all students agree that it’s difficult to live without gadgets.

Слайд 10

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