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Презентація на тему:
"Learning English. What is it?"

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"Learning English. What is it?"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Presentation: Learning English. What is it? Prepared by Oleksandra Pekhno Form 11-A School of Chynadiievo October 2013

Слайд 2

Everyone, of course, well known that the English language can be useful in life. Someone else questioned? Then proceed to transfer greatest advantages a person who knows English, to those who do not know.

Слайд 3

Слайд 4

First, knowing the English language, we can get more information from various sources, it may be your computer - where all the technical information written in English, computer programs, by the way, also written in English, you can read books original version, the translation is not always objectively reflects the true feelings and emotions invested in the romance author.

Слайд 5

With nothing beats the pleasure of reading Shakespeare's drama "Romeo and Juliet" in the original. A technical literature? Indeed, in this case, you would be able to study any you're interested in technology, software and hardware.

Слайд 6

Secondly, you always will now be able to talk with interesting people on a very wide range of topics in English, besides you can always go abroad tourists.

Слайд 7

And if you're a careerist? In this case you need English as air. After you dream to be a businessman of international level. What is not English? For international calls, trading on exchanges are conducted in English, you want to participate in international conferences and communicate with business people, read international magazines and newspapers about the business, in which case you will of course need to know English.

Слайд 8

If your dream is to become a famous scientist? So, in this case English you need to know how their mother, anyway - not worse. After all, you will need to communicate with colleagues from other countries to visit, and maybe hold international symposia, conferences, workshops and forums. In addition, all the latest and advanced open global significance published it in English magazines and newspapers, but you still have to attend and international centers, however, even to get a Nobel Prize - you need to know English.

Слайд 9

And your hobby? After all, everyone has a hobby - it is each his own, but that music and song everyone likes-it's no secret. And knowing the English language you will always know exactly what an American singer sings -and you have no will, and that in fact anything can happen - the music of "top", and in the words of English they try to guess which may exiled us away, аs they say, and we do not conduct ear, know the dance and have fun at the fiery music.

Слайд 10

And the movies? In this case, you are not required translator. And the Internet? This is generally a bottomless ocean of information - but most the most necessary, namely English.

Слайд 11

And how in life there are now modern words, sometimes the meaning of these words totally elusive, meaning the sentence is ambiguous, but now all these fancy words just came out in English. Knowing the English language - has never and no one confuse the word "transformer" - he realizes that this change, but not a toy robot.

Слайд 12

And then the English language - a language of international communication.

Слайд 13

By the way, more than half a billion people speak it in English, and the same study it. Indeed, almost all international conferences and competitions are held is English. Mention only contest "Miss World" and the Olympic Games. But even in international organizations like the UN, NATO, UNESCO, WTO - English - this is the main language.

Слайд 14

And then, you put your resume is not blank, and check - allowing you easier to get a job. And then you will be able to learn computing, happy to read technical articles.

Слайд 15

So, I think that if anyone still doubted, it is now just start to learn the language of international communication - English.

Слайд 16

By the way, thanks to English and you can earn good money by translating texts not only for their friends, but also to open the Bureau of Translation Literature in English at home and vice versa.

Слайд 17

Maybe someone thoroughly studied English can give lessons in other words to be a tutor for students.

Слайд 18

In general, it turns out that finding a reason to learn the English language everyone can - most importantly define what does it do. And back to English speakers.

Слайд 19

Слайд 20

Thank you for your attention!

Слайд 21


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