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Презентація на тему:
Lesson of English

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Lesson of English

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

LESSON 2 Objectives: to enrich students’ vocabulary to develop students’ speaking, listening skills to develop students’ creative thinking

Слайд 2

WARM- UP People travel They travel To see the world To have exciting adventures To make new friends For pleasure On business To visit their relatives To take part in sports competitions Because their neighbours travel

Слайд 3

MAIN PART 1. Matching To fly a special trip to solve some problems connected with your job To miss the train a journey by sea or along a river Business trip to go by plane Pleasure trip going in some kind of transport or walking in the city Voyage to get off a tram and to get on the other tram Route a travel by walking with occasional rides in passing automobiles Getting about town to walk To go on foot the way or the road you are going on To change the tram a travelling on holidays Hitch-hiking to be late for a train

Слайд 4

2. Making up sentences Travelling by on plane train ship bus car bike foot have is are has the fastest way of travelling slower than by plane popular for pleasure trips popular for business trips the most popular and the cheapest way of travelling very interesting its advantages

Слайд 5

3.Listening 1) Pre-listening activity Using your experience say if the following statements are true or false. Trains are more comfortable than buses. Train tickets are always more expensive than bus tickets. Train journeys are more interesting than bus journeys. Railway stations are nicer than places than bus stations.

Слайд 6

A Visit To Liverpool

Слайд 7

2) Post-listening activity a) Which sentences do not fit the text. The Browns have decided to visit their uncle during their summer holidays. Aunt Emily lives in London When we go by train we’ll get speed and comfort It is hot in a train in summer. The quickest way of travelling is by plane. Planes fly in bad weather. We’ll go to Liverpool by train.

Слайд 8

b) Answer the questions Where does aunt Emily live? Does Alice like to travel by plane? What is the quickest way of travelling? Do planes fly in bad weather? Is it expensive to travel by plane? Does Mrs. Brown like the idea to go to Liverpool by ship? What kind of transport will the Browns go to Liverpool by? Say what way of travelling you like best of all. Why?

Слайд 9

4. Pair work a) Look at the picture and read the story. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD'S TRIP At first little Red Riding Hood went on foot, then she took a bus to the Railway Station. She went by train to the Airport and flew by plane over the mountains. She took a taxi to the harbour1 and sailed by ship across the sea. Then she rode her bicycle to her Granny.

Слайд 10

b) Work in pairs. One of you is a Little Red Riding Hood. The other is an interviewer. Have a talk about the Hood's trip. How did you get to…? I went there by…..

Слайд 11

5. Speaking Checking up the hometask (ex. 1, p. 80) Discuss the following items. Do you agree that the best way to study geography is to travel? Why do people travel when they are on their vacations? Who can help with transport and planning your vacation? What means of transport can you travel by? What do people think about when they choose the way of travelling? What should you do before you go on a trip? What photos can you take while travelling? Why do people take photos?

Слайд 12

6. Describing a picture a) Look at this picture and answer the questions. Does Pete feel himself well? Does his neighbour feel well? Is she thin like him? Does she want to move up? Can Pete sleep or read? Can he get bus-sick? Would you like to travel like Pete? b) Describe this funny situation.

Слайд 13

IV. SUMMING UP Your hometask is to read the text of ex. 1 on p. 82. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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