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Київ - європейська столиця

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Київ - європейська столиця

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Слайд 1

Kyiv is the European capital z

Слайд 2

In Kiev, in principle, there is no problem with choosing a place to relax in nature, whether for solitude, whether for walking small companies or for organizing mass events And this is one of the hallmarks of a European city and one of the basic tenets of smart urbanism is its balance with and non-interference with nature. z

Слайд 3

Kiev potentially has a dozen waterfront streets or more. This amount can be compared to Istanbul or cities on the ocean. z

Слайд 4

The city really has a sense of security. Patrols are clearly visible day and night, so the people of Kiev feel protected. z

Слайд 5

Festivals and events are a very important part of urban culture. z

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