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Слайд 2

GERUND or INFINITIVE ? Some words are followed by the GERUND. E.g.: doing Some words are followed by the INFINITIVE. E.g.: to do Here’s a table to help you

Слайд 3

GERUND INFINITIVE       ●  After verbs that express likes/dislikes:                    like, love, enjoy dislike, hate don't mind, can't stand ..... doing ●  After verbs that  refer to a future event :     want,  hope,  intend  would like,    promise .........  to do

Слайд 4

GERUND INFINITIVE After certain other verbs,  such as :            admit             imagine appreciate     involve avoid             keep (on) consider        mention delay             miss deny              postpone finish             suggest ........ doing ●  After certain other verbs, such as  :                 afford           help agree           learn arrange        manage choose         offer fail               refuse happen        seem ..............   to do

Слайд 5

GERUND INFINITIVE After certain expressions:  it's no use ... it's no good ... there's no point in .............. doing After "too" & "enough":        too difficult easy enough  .....................  to do

Слайд 6

GERUND INFINITIVE After prepositions :         interested in ...    instead of ... good at ... before ... after ................................... doing After adjectives:                    glad  (ex : glad to know...) pleased  (ex : pleased to meet you...) disappointed  (ex : disappointed to hear...)

Слайд 7

GERUND or INFINITIVE ? The verbs : begin/start/continue can be followed by the gerund or the infinitive with little or no change in meaning

Слайд 8

GERUND or INFINITIVE ? The verbs : stop/try/remember can also take both, but the meaning changes

Слайд 9

WHAT’S THE MEANING? STOP I’ve stopped watching cartoons. Meaning: Stop an activity

Слайд 10

WHAT’S THE MEANING? STOP We stopped to go to the toilets at the petrol station. Meaning: Stop in order to

Слайд 11

WHAT’S THE MEANING? TRY I ‘ve tried to understand his English, but I was unsuccessful. Meaning: Make an effort

Слайд 12

WHAT’S THE MEANING? TRY Let’s try restarting the computer. Meaning: See if it works

Слайд 13

WHAT’S THE MEANING? REMEMBER Remember to bring your portfolio to the class tomorrow. Meaning: Don’t forget

Слайд 14

WHAT’S THE MEANING? REMEMBER I remember collecting marbles in our old neighbourhood. Meaning: Past memory

Слайд 15

WHAT’S THE MEANING? REGRET I regret to tell you that your application has been rejected. Meaning: To apologise for something bad. To inform something bad. This is used in more formal situations.

Слайд 16

WHAT’S THE MEANING? REGRET I regret not saying goodbye before leaving. Meaning: To be sorry now for something we did in the past.

Слайд 17

Fill in the blanks below with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1.    It's obvious he's only interested in (make) ______________ money. 2.    Anne couldn't find a taxi so I offered (drive) ________________ her to the station. 3.   I managed (book) ________________ two seats on the morning flight. 4.   I promise (send) _______________ you our new brochure as soon as it's available.   5.   Peter was delighted (meet) _______________ a former colleague at the conference.   making to drive to book to send to meet

Слайд 18

Fill in the blanks below with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 6.   I avoid (take) _______________ the car whenever possible, especially in big cities. 7.   We finished the job by (work) _______________ 12 hours a day.   8.   Bob sent a report to the Chairman instead of (attend) _______________ the meeting. 9.   A lot of people dislike (drive) _______________ at night.   10.  I intend (speak) _______________ to my boss about your complaint. taking working attending driving to speak

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