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Слайд 1


Слайд 2

+ оценочное прилаг.+to V Cornflakes are easy to cook. Хлопья легко готовить. Easy/difficult/hard boring/interesting nice (un)pleasant (im)possible Dangerous/safe Expensive/cheap Comfortable beautiful

Слайд 3

This microwave oven is safe to operate on. Barbie dolls are pleasant to play with. This garden is pleasant to walk in. This boy is unpleasant to speak to. This music is boring to listen to. This bike is expensive to buy.

Слайд 4

It is+прил.+for (кого)+to V The box is too heavy for you to carry. Тебе слишком тяжело нести коробку.

Слайд 5

It will be difficult for him to get tickets. It`s ddifficult for me to do this. The text is easy enough for you to understand. Here are some books for you to read. The bag is too heavy for one person to carry, let me help you. It`s time for the children to go to bed. Is it possible for you to wake up early? It`s very good for her to go to the South in summer.

Слайд 6

Is/are Ved/V3 +to V Said Known Reported Believed Thought Expected Considered supposed Говорят Известно Сообщают Полагают Думают Ожидают Утверждают предполагают

Слайд 7

He is said to fail the exam. Говорят,он завалил экзамен. The train is expected to arrive in an hour or so. Ожидают, что поезд прибудет примерно через час.

Слайд 8

He is known to be a great book lover. Many buildings were reported to have been damaged by the fire. The delegation is reported to have left London The expedition is said to arrive in Odessa. He is known to have a large collection of pictures. The weather is considered to be fine.

Слайд 9

She is said to be in Moscow. He is considered to be one of the best pilots in the country. The house is believed to have been built two hundred years ago. Lomonosov is known to be the greatest scientist of his time. Shakespeare is known to have written more than 80 sonets.

Слайд 10

The poet is said to have finished the poem. Gagarin is known to be the first cosmonaut in the world. She is said to work in the north as a doctor. She is expected to come in any minute. Andre Agassi is known to be one of the best tennis players in the world. He is said to have left school. Volochkova is believed to be a talented ballet-dancer.

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