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Презентація на тему:
Infinitive constructions

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Infinitive constructions

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Infinitive constructions

Слайд 2

Seem to V He seems to know English well. Кажется, он хорошо знает английский.

Слайд 3

The book seems to be very popular with children. She seems to speak French. He seems to be ill. They seem to know each other well. He seems to have gone to the south. You friend seems to be waithig for you in the hall. Ben seems to be sitting in the café. She seems to be very honest person.

Слайд 4

Is/are (un)likely + to V They are unlikely to come back soon. Маловероятно, что они скоро вернутся. The ship is likely to arrive tonight. Корабль,вероятно, прибудет сегодня вечером.

Слайд 5

His book is very likely to be published this year. The conference is likely to be held in Moscow. The weather is unlikely to change. This question is very likely to be discussed at the meeting today. He is unlikely to come here. She is likely to be at home at six. It is very likely to rain today.

Слайд 6

is/are sure(certain) to V They are sure to come to Moscow. Они непременно приедут в Москву.

Слайд 7

He is sure to come in time. They are certain to take part in the concert. The telegram is sure to have been delivered . The film is sure to be very interesting. They are certain to help us.

Слайд 8

happen to V They happened to know each other. Случилось так, что они знают друг друга. He happened to be at home at that time. Oн случайно оказался дома в то время.

Слайд 9

I happened to be at home when he called. They happened to meet in the hotel. There happened to be a doctor at that time. I happened to meet him in Sochi. She happened to be in the office when I came.

Слайд 10

proved to V He proved to be very experienced driver. Он оказался очень опытным водителем.

Слайд 11

He proved to be a very good sportsman. This problem proved to be very difficult. He proved to be one of the cleverest students in the class. He proved to be very good specialist in this question. You proved to be right. She proved to be a kind woman.

Слайд 12

appear to V The house arrear to have been built in the 18th century. По-видимому,дом был построен в 18 веке.

Слайд 13

This book appear to be very interesting. They appear to understand the rule very well. All the students appear to have done the test. He appears to be pleased with the result of his work. This book appears to have been translated by a very good translator. He doesn`t appear to know French. She doesn`t appear to have forgotten her promise.

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