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You can explain why you do something with to + verb. Why did you leave the meeting? To make a phone call. I’m writing to thank you for your help. I phoned Harry to invite him to a job interview.

Слайд 3

to + verb for + noun (to meet/to buy) I went to Canada (why?) to meet the customer. They need some money to buy new equipment. (for a meeting / for analysis) I went to Canada (why?) for a meeting. They need money for new equipment.

Слайд 4

1) Please simplify the following sentences: I’m going to the bank because I want to get some money. I want to rewrite this code because I want to improve the program. He created his own website because he wanted to post his portfolio there. I will not take part in the competition because I don’t want to fail again. He called me in the morning because he had to tell me he fell ill. Please redesign the options for account setup because they should look more user-friendly. We hope that we will solve this issue by Friday. I promised that I will not commit any changes before I test them. Users need a name and a password because they have to log on to each server. They have written us an email because they wanted to inform us about a kernel-panic message.

Слайд 5

2) Please insert “to” or “for” in the following sentences: Our organization started in 1994 ____ lead the Web to its full potential. We develop common protocols ____ promote its evolution. We have the Offices Program ___ adoption of W3C recommendations among developers. In August 2011, W3C created Community and Business Groups ___ support innovation. We invite technical experts ___ coordinate technology development. We also invite experts _____ management of other operations. If you need ____ get some information about our organization, complete the request form. You do not need an account ____ complete the form, but we need your email ___ validation of your request.

Слайд 6

3) Please continue the sentences: I am helping my teammate to … I decided to save up to … I studied at the university to … I have created my own website to … I spoke with the project manager to…

Слайд 7

Suggest three possible solutions for each of the given situations. Explain your idea using to + verb. For example: They can buy new computers to make work more effective. 1. Your co-workers have designed a website. They made it really clean, minimalist, and dark. However, their customer asked them to redesign it and make it more user-friendly. Your friends came to you for advice ☺

Слайд 8

2. You've got an opportunity to change the appearance of your working space. Suggest three ways to make it more comfortable.

Слайд 9

2. Your team is going to present the project you were working on. The project manager comes up to you and asks how to make the presentation more interesting and fun.

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