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Слайд 1

Gerunds Introductory Lesson Presented by INtellucation

Слайд 2

What is a gerund? A gerund is a verb which has become a noun by adding ing. I like pizza. I like delivering pizza. Phrases, such as like pizza, can take on verbs in the form of gerunds. eating making selling delivering I like selling pizza. I like making pizza. I like eating pizza. I like pizza. I like pizza. I like pizza. I like pizza. eating making selling delivering This slide presents our first example. The full animation runs after clicking the mouse once. In my classes I explain what a gerund is and try to elicit different actions related to “pizza” from the students before playing the animation. On this slide, and all others in this presentation, I instruct the students to “say it as they see it”, reading each example aloud in unison while it is being played.

Слайд 3

Or Steven finished the book. Steven finished using the book. reading Phrases, such as finished the book, can take on verbs in the form of gerunds. Steven finished printing the book. Steven finished writing the book. Steven finished reading the book. Steven finished the book. Steven finished the book. Steven finished the book. Steven finished the book. reading writing writing printing printing using using This slide presents our second example. As in the previous slide the full animation runs after clicking the mouse once.

Слайд 4

When do we use gerunds? We use gerunds to follow certain main verbs. Here are some examples. like We studying English. dislike love hate We like studying English. We dislike studying English. We love studying English. We hate studying English. This slide gives some examples of when we use gerunds. On this slide and all the rest in the presentation you will have to click the mouse once for each example sentence. This gives the students more time to repeat as some of the later examples are a little lengthy.

Слайд 5

Let’s see how these main verbs work together with gerunds. SUBJECT MAIN VERB GERUND PHRASE studying at university Mary started stopped continued finished Mary stopped smoking cigarettes. Mary continued working at the flower shop. playing tennis smoking cigarettes working at the flower shop Mary stopped playing tennis. Mary finished playing tennis. Mary started working at the flower shop. Mary continued studying at university. Mary started smoking cigarettes. Mary finished studying at university. This slide and the next one give more examples of how main verbs work together with gerunds. I have only provided eight examples of the 16 possible on this slide.

Слайд 6

The kids Here are some more examples. enjoy feel like miss prefer playing with their toys watching cartoons drawing pictures singing songs The kids feel like playing with their toys. The kids miss singing songs. The kids feel like drawing pictures. The kids prefer playing with their toys. The kids enjoy watching cartoons. The kids miss watching cartoons. The kids enjoy singing songs. The kids prefer drawing pictures.

Слайд 7

think about talk about consider discuss Mom & Dad will selling their house taking a long vacation buying a new car moving to Italy Now mix and match these examples... This slide provides more examples. There is no animation on this slide, so clicking the mouse will take you to the next slide. In smaller classes I have each student make an example with the verbs and gerunds given. In larger classes I select a few students to make examples and the entire class repeats to provide maximum oral practice.

Слайд 8

We have just seen how gerund phrases can be used as direct objects. Let’s try them in subject form... I hate smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes is dangerous is unhealthy makes people sick costs a lot of money Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy. Smoking cigarettes makes people sick. Smoking cigarettes costs a lot of money. Smoking cigarettes is dangerous. This slide shows students how gerunds can be used in subject form.

Слайд 9

Now try it with this example... Jane enjoyed working at the book store. was interesting paid good money was great fun helped her meet intelligent people Working at the bookstore This slide lets students make a few examples of gerunds in subject form.

Слайд 10

Finish this example with your own ideas... We hiked up the mountain. was _________________ was_________________ took (time) made us (adjective) _____________________ _____________________ Hiking up the mountain… This slide lets students practice more by completing the example given with some of their own ideas. In my classroom I have students make all 6 examples in their notebooks to ensure that they have grasped a basic understanding of how gerunds work.

Слайд 11

An Intellucation Production Written by: R.T. McCann Presentation by: Jason Sciss For more ESL Lessons, Activities & Plans visit us at www.intellucation.com

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