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Презентація на тему:
"Famous Ukrainian scientists"

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"Famous Ukrainian scientists"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Famous Ukrainian scientists Підготувала Руденко М.В. Учениця групи ОС-6-13

Слайд 2

Objective: Expand the idea of students as a community of Ukraine decent, hard-working, talented people. Familiarize with the achievements of outstanding individuals Ukraine: Oleg Antonov, Paton, B.Patona, Amosov. Form the cognitive interest. Cultivate a sense of pride in their nation.

Слайд 3

Evgeny Paton Oskarovich. Oleg Antonov Borys Paton Nicholas Amos.

Слайд 4

Opening of created in a dream Everyone knows the story that Mendeleev saw his famous periodic table of chemical elements in a dream.      History of the periodic - not one. Aircraft designer Oleg Antonov saw in a dream and after waking depicted shape tail plane giant "Antaeus".

Слайд 5

Oleg Antonov-known aircraft (1906–1984) The person who created the world's largest transport aircraft. This is it - the father of Kyiv Design Bureau, which for many years named after him.

Слайд 6

Oleg Antonov During his life he created more than 50 types of gliders and more than 20 types of aircraft.       From An-2 to the giant Ruslan. With - in pencil engineer came many revolutionary technical solutions.

Слайд 7

Oleg Antonov has developed a new plane called the Antonov An-2 "Colt". Whose motto could be: "Do all fly every where." An-2

Слайд 8

The whole world spoke of designer Oleg Antonov in 1965rotsi.       International air show at Le Bourget in France. Unexpectedly in the sky appears Soviet Antonov An-22.           The next day of Antonov and his "Anthea" wrote all the world's newspapers. Since then, their ideas and aircraft designer was amazing aviation world many times. An-22

Слайд 9

Ан-28 Ан-148-100В Ан-26

Слайд 10

Ан-124 «Руслан»

Слайд 11

"Ruslan" carries subway cars, cars.

Слайд 12

During a test flight of An-225 "Mriya" Ukrainian production is set 109 world records. AN-225 ("Dream") - the largest aircraft in the world

Слайд 13

Evgeny Paton (1870 -1953) world-renowned scientist in the field of bridge construction and welding, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Hero of Socialist Labor, academician.

Слайд 14

Kyiv bridge that connects the two banks of the Dnieper River, a popular place for Kiev - "Lovers Bridge", and even about fifty bridges and overpasses owe their birth to Academician Yevgeny Paton Oskarovich.

Слайд 15

In Ukraine Yevhen Paton know well. His name is given bridge across the Dnieper in Kiev. This bridge was first built by the world's Electric (through scientific inventions Yevhen Paton).

Слайд 16

Paton Bridge is interesting because it is one of the largest bridges in Europe. It consists of 26 spans, Length of bridge 1543 meters Width between curbs 21 meters pavement width of 3 mм

Слайд 17

The famous first entirely welding cities in the world, named after Academician Paton, long ago turned into an element of Kiev landscape.

Слайд 18

Pedestrian bridge - Park Built on the project E.O. Paton. One of the first folding metal bridge country. The bridge was built in 1904. Light, delicate metal structure served the people of Kiev for more than three quarters of a century. In 1983, the old bridge design was dismantled and transported to Pereyasliv Khmelnitsky in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, and their new model was established.

Слайд 19

Paton Boris Outstanding scientist in the field of welding, metallurgy and technology of metals, organizer of science, State and public figure, Director of the Institute of electric welding. E. o. Paton NAS of Ukraine (since 1953).

Слайд 20

The enormous merit of b. Paton was awarded the Lenin and State prizes, high ranks twice hero of Socialist Labor and hero of Ukraine, four orders of Lenin, order of red banner of labor, friendship, Prince Yaroslav mudry. A monument in front of the science and natural history museum in Kiev, established in 1982

Слайд 21

Ukrainian scientists do not forget and about the vulnerability of the human heart, is unprotected from the pain and anxiety. Many people saved lives thanks to the scientific work of academician Nikolai Amosov.

Слайд 22

Nikolai Amosov (06.12.1913-12.12.2002) A Ukrainian physician, scientist in the field of medicine, Biocybernetics; Member of the NATIONAL ACADEMY of SCIENCES, Director of the Institute of cardiovascular surgery.

Слайд 23

In 2008, he was voted second after Yaroslav the wise, the great Ukrainian survey public opinion Great Ukrainians.

Слайд 24

"Surgeries gullet, lungs, especially heart, sick with zagrozi a quick death, often in conditions when one another they do not I; personally saved thousands of lives. Worked honestly. Did not take the money. Of course, I had some mistakes, sometimes they were followed by the death of patients, but never were my legkodumstva or carelessness. I taught dozens of surgeons, established a clinic, then Institute, which number more than 80 thousand only cardiac patients. Furthermore there were still thousands of patients with other illnesses, not to mention wounded at war. Surgery was my relief and happiness. "Amosov

Слайд 25

In honor of the Amosov was renamed one of the streets in Kyiv; The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was founded the prize of NAS of Ukraine named after m. Amosova, which goes to the Department of Biochemistry, Physiology and molecular biology of NAS of Ukraine for outstanding scientific work in the field of cardio-vascular surgery and transplantology; In Kiev, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street, 42, where in 1971 – 2002 scientist lived and worked, the plaque (bronze bas-relief sculpture;; d. I. Husìd) Memorial plaque on the façade of the House, where he lived and worked with Nikolay Amosov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky street, 42

Слайд 26

Thank you for attention!

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