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WELCOME TO UKRAINE Native land of mine! My mind is brighter, Tenderness and love in my soul grow, When your mighty hopes and dreams uplifting, In my life here strong and steady flow. You are bread for me, my aim for living. From your soul I came and shall return. V. Simonenko

Слайд 3

Hi! We are united team. We love Ukraine and would like to know more about it . Let’s think a little! What is the stereotype of Ukrainian nation?

Слайд 4

SUBJECTS OF OUR INVESTIGATION Ukraine as a country Ukraine and its people Ukraine and its history

Слайд 5

AT THE MAP OF THE COUNTRY Official name: Ukraine Area: Ukraine France Spain Population: 48 mln Capital city: Kiev The highest mountain: Goverla ( 2061m ) mineral resources The longest river: Dnieper Main mineral resources: iron, coal, oil, gas, salt, manganese, sulphur

Слайд 6

Historical roots of Ukrainian nation

Слайд 7

A travel to Cossacks times The Cossack sits there on the further shore the blue waves dance. He dreamed that he would find good fortune. Sorrow crossed his path. And now the cranes fly in long skeins Towards the further shore. A free and independent man Cossack overgrown with thorns. (Taras Shevchenko "Song".) Cossacks Were adventurous serfs; Were in the search of a better life, freedom, and military fame; Banded together in the South Ukrainian stepps; Were engage in fishing, hunting, bee-keeping, building their settlements; Protected their land and themselves against attacks by Tatars and Turks.

Слайд 8

Zaporizhian Sich as a sovereign state 1557 - 1775 The fortress on island was built by Dmytro Vyshnevetskiy Island Khortitsa – the heart of Sich Special attributes of power called “Kleinods” trident; flag – korogva; bunchuk kettle-drum – litavra a contasner for gun powder or tobacco seal; bulava

Слайд 9

Plant National symbols holidays * New Year Day * Christmas * Women’s Day * Easter * May Day * Victory Day * Independence Day National cuisine * “borsch” * “kulish” * “holubtsi” * “varenyry” * “galushki” Folk songs * ritual * harvest and wedding * historical and political CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS

Слайд 10

hard working; friendly; hospitable; romantic; talkative; polite; fun-loving; nationalistic; emotional; sociable.

Слайд 11

food national symbols traditions Clothes history music culture Ukraine

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