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Слайд 1

Let’s discuss the topic together!

Слайд 2

KEY POINTS How can one understand the national character? What is the stereotype of Ukrainian nation?

Слайд 3

Widen your outlook; Enhance your creative thinking; Learn to analyze and generalize the material; Deepen your knowledge about the native country; Learn to use the computer technologies.

Слайд 4

To read a book; To find the information in the encyclopedia; To go on an excursion; To find the information in Internet

Слайд 5

Distribute work among the group mates; Interview teachers, parents or grandparents, senior pupils; Study the topic using books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia; Find information in Internet on site: - http://WWW.altavista.digital.com; Find pictures and make photos; Analyze the results; Work out the summary of your work; Create your group presentation Get ready to share your opinion and discuss the topic together

Слайд 6

“Focus on Ukraine”. O.Elbrekht /students’ book/; “Your guide in English”9th form./a book for reading/ L.Panchenko; “English”/teachers’ newspaper/; “English language and literature”/magazine/; Internet site: - http://WWW.altavista.digital.com;

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