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Презентація на тему:
The gallery of the Famous People

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The gallery of the Famous People

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Topic: The gallery of the Famous People

Слайд 2

Aims: Educational aims: to get acquainted with the biography of the famous world figures in the world of science, culture and politics; to train students to highlight the main information from the text; Development aims: to develop students’ skills in the field of reading, writing, speaking and listening; Brining-up aims: to bring up the leaders skills; to make them understand, that with their own efforts they can achieve a lot in life; to bring up the proud for their well-known all over the world compatriouts. Objectives: -to have known some facts from the biography of the well-known people; -to develop their own leaders traits; -to evaluate the opportunity to write their names in the history; -to develop students’ skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening while doing tasks

Слайд 3

Equipment: Power point presentation, the rare projector, the screen, video clips “Famous scintists”, “Business quotes of famous people ”, workbooks, monitoring table “What I have learnt new from this lesson?” Methods: Traditional methods - communicative method, audio-visual, oral method. Interactive methods – reflection method sincvain , insern Type of the lesson – lesson of using knowledge and skills Shape of the lesson- excursion

Слайд 4

Monitoring table ! Itsinteresting - Ithinkotherwise V Iknowit + Newinformation ? Don’tunderstand

Слайд 5

paint write invent compose dance act win direct war -er PAINTER WRITER INVENTOR COMPOSER DANCER ACTOR WINNER DIRECTOR WARRIOR -Or

Слайд 6

Tell me and I will forget Show me and i will renember Involve me and I will understand Ancient Chinese proverd

Слайд 7

Exhibition hall 1 “Famous people in the field of science”

Слайд 8

Questions: 1. What was Hippocrates? In what field of science did he make the discovery? 2. What famous person was Aristotle’s student? 3. What was Euclid famous for? 4. Who was the first astronomer who had formulated a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology which displaced the earth from the center to the universe? 5. What was Andreas Vesalius?

Слайд 9

Exhibition hall 2 “ Well-known cultural figures”

Слайд 10

1 variant 1 "Friends applaud, the comedy is over." 2 Ludwig van Beethoven, a German composer, was one of the world's greatest musical geniuses. 3 In 1792, Beethoven moved from the provincial court city of Bonn to Vienna, where he studied with Haydn. 4 His hearing had begun to fail by 1798, but he continued to produce a massive volume of music including numerous masterpieces. 5 Unfortunately, the last thirty years of his life were filled with a series of personal tragedies. 6 In addition to his deafness, he became depressed after ending a relationship with an unnamed--and probably married--lady; he struggled through a series of legal battles to gain custody of his nephew following the death of his brother; he was plagued by financial problems and huge debts, and his health began to rapidly fail after his nephew attempted suicide in 1826.

Слайд 11

2 variant Nostradamus (Michel de Notre Dame) 1503-1566 "Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here." 1 Nostradamus was a cryptic prophet whose verse has been credited by some as foretelling future events despite its vague language and lack of any chronological reference. 2 His predictions achieved local recognition after he claimed to have discovered a cure for the plague. 3 Word of one of his prophesies eventually reached Catherine de Medici, the superstitious wife of Henry II, who believed it was about her husband: "The young lion will surpass the old one in national field by a single duel. 4 He will pierce his eyes in a golden cage two blows at once, to die a grievous death." After Henry was killed in 1559 during a tournament when a lance, yielded by a younger opponent, pierced his eye, Nostradamus achieved true fame.

Слайд 12

3 variant Gordon, George, Lord Byron (1788-1824) "Good night." 1 Lord Byron was one of the most widely read and notorious poets of his era, and many believe that some of his works, especially Don Juan, are autobiographical. 2 He was forced to flee England in 1816 to escape his debts and a nasty sex scandal involving his wife's sister. 3 He traveled throughout Europe until he joined the Greek war for independence in 1823. 4 That winter, he became quite ill, perhaps partly due to malnutrition as he had taken to eating almost nothing but meager portions of rice. 5 He had not yet fully recovered when he was caught in a driving, frigid rainstorm. He returned to his room chilled, shivering, and with a high fever. 6 Friends called in physicians and surgeons who bled him with twelve leeches they attached to his temples and induced violent diarrhea with a large dose of castor oil. 7 All concerned were surprised to find this treatment did not work, and Lord Byron lapsed into a deep stupor. 8 He eventually regained consciousness long enough to say "Now I shall go to sleep. Good night.“ 9 He died within twenty-four hours.

Слайд 13

Exhibition hall 3 “Famous politicians”

Слайд 14

1 ) Who say words? «Untill all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed»? 2 ) What was Alice Walker? 3) What was the 26-th President of the United States? 4) What world- known politic dictator want to close union offices confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison? 5)what was the first lady of USA?

Слайд 15

Exhibition hall 4 “The proud of our country”

Слайд 16

Слайд 17

Andriyshevchenko RobertaBondar(Роберта Бондар) SerhiyBubka(СергійБубка) YanaKlochkova(ЯнаКлочкова) VasylVirastyuk(ВасильВірастюк) is a strongman competitor from Ukraine. He competed in the finals of the World's Strongest Man contest in 2003 (3rd place) and 2004 (1st place). is a Ukrainian swimmer, who has won five Olympic medals. 4 gold medals came in the 200 meter individual medley and the 400 meter individual medley at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics. She became a consultant and speaker in the business, scientific and medical communities. He broke the world record for men's pole vaulting 35 times (17 outdoor and 18 indoor records). He is the third-highest scorer in the history of European club competition with 63 goals, behindFilippoInzaghiand Raul.

Слайд 18

Exhibition hall 5 «Сreative task»

Слайд 19

“Sincvain” 1 word that is associated with this man; 2 adjectives; 3 verbs.

Слайд 20

Our first president Mykhailo Serhiyovych Hrushevsky (Ukrainian: Михайло Сергійович Грушевський; Cheіm, 29 September [O.S. 17 September] 1866 – Kislovodsk, 26 November 1934) was a Ukrainian cademician, politician, historian, and statesman, one of the most important figures of the Ukrainian national revival of the early 20th century. As a Political leader, Hrushevsky first became active in Austrian Galicia, where he spoke out against Polish political predominance, against Ruthenian particularism, and in favor of a national Ukrainian identity which would unite both eastern and western parts of the country. In 1899, he was a co-founder of the Galician based National Democratic Party.

Слайд 21

Home Task Next lesson you must do the journal «Famous people in my profession»

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