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Еducation in Ukraine

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Еducation in Ukraine

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Слайд 1

Education in Ukraine A project is prepared by the students of group 11 under the direction of English teacher Hnetetska Maryna Volodymyrivna

Слайд 2

System of education in Ukraine has greatly changed since Ukraine become independent. of A lot of new educational establishment have appeared in regional cities and in the capital of our country. Many of them are private where the students have to pay a lot of money for their learning. Most of the high educational establishments have the names of Universities instead of old Institutes. The students have to pay for the learning at these educational establishments but there are departments which are free of charge for some students.

Слайд 3

The system of secondary education in Ukraine undergoes changes. Today we have a twelve-mark system of appraisal of the students' knowledge. Different Ukrainian secondary schools have new systems of teaching for their students. But in general the system remains the same.

Слайд 4

We have classes from morning till afternoon, in most of the schools there are classes on Saturday. The buildings of schools in most provincial towns and villages are old and need repair.

Слайд 5

Educational establishments in the capital of our country Kyiv The number of educational establishments is 461 in Kyiv. 331, 847 students study in them. There are 65 afternoon schools. 15 schools are private and there are 5 private kindergartens. The number of students in each class at private schools is 10-15. So you see that it is much easier to study in the class with such small number of students but as far as I know the demands of the teachers to these students are very high and the level of the knowledge of these students is very high too.

Слайд 6

The cost of education at private school: " The British International School" - $ 12,000 a year

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