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Презентація на тему:
Schools in Britain and Ukraine

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Schools in Britain and Ukraine

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Слайд 2

be well-equipped schemes and tables carry out experiments

Слайд 3

be decorated with have seats for…people arrange a performance the stage

Слайд 4

show new tools and instruments be taught to use some machines become skillful in acquaint smb with the latest achievements and modern equipment

Слайд 5

Topical vocabulary Secondary education is between elementary school and university. Junior pupils study not so many subjects as senior pupils. There are all the necessary facilities in our biology study to observe the plant life. To achieve high results in English you should work hard. The sport achievements of our school basketball team are really great. Teachers try to encourage their pupils to work harder at the lesson. At the chemistry lesson we often carry out experiments.

Слайд 6

Phrases of agreement I agree; Sure; Certainly; It is for sure; I think the same

Слайд 7

Phrases of disagreement I don`t agree; I don`t think so; Certainly not; On the contrary; I think you are mistaken

Слайд 8

You learn at a secondary specialized English school. There is a well-equipped laboratory on the first floor in your school. There is a big and nice assembly hall in our school. There are not many schemes and tables on the walls of the physics and biology studies. Our school takes an advantage over other schools in the town. Pupils cannot go to the canteen during the breaks. Our work-shops are badly-equipped. Our school has good sport facilities. It`s difficult to satisfy some teachers with your answers. Junior pupils study not in the same building where you do. It`s not difficult at all to achieve good results in studying. Not all teachers try to encourage pupils by giving them higher marks. Pupils often carry out experiments at chemistry lessons.

Слайд 9


Слайд 10

I study at a ______________specialized English school. My school has got all the necessary _____________ for study. There is a ________________ on the ground floor. We often_____________experiments there. There is also a __________there. Pupils are taught how to use new tools and machines there. In the ___________ you can always have a bite and drink a cup of tea or a glass of juice. But we haven`t got an_____________________ in our school, that`s why we hold concerts in the gym. As for me I want to __________ good results but sometimes I get_____________ marks as it is not always easy to _____________our teachers with answers or work at the lesson. We have got many good teachers and they always try to ______________ pupils by giving them higher marks or just by being kind to them.

Слайд 11

Text a) 1. Pupils don`t get homework on… a) Friday b) Sunday and Saturday c) Wednesday 2. Children have………….for lunch. a) an hour b) half an hour c) an hour and a half 3. The school has got a very good teacher of… a) music b) art c) mathematics 4. Pupils go to the sports centre by… a) bus b) tram c) underground 5. The school is……to public transport. a) far b) next c) near

Слайд 12

Text b) 1. Children in the school are aged from… a) 6 to 14 b) 6 to 16 c) 5 to 15 2. Only pupils over eleven… a) get homework b) study English c) do sports 3. There is no….in the school. a) library or canteen b) gym or library c) library or music room 4. The school is open on …for sports activities. a) Sundays b) Saturdays c) Saturdays and Sundays 5. Pupils come to school by… a) school buses b) bicycles c) cars

Слайд 13

lunch time homework sport facilities extra school activities holidays concerts competitions school transport clubs subjects rooms teachers

Слайд 14

Homework Learn new words Make a virtual excursion around your school

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