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State System of Ukraine

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State System of Ukraine

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State System of Ukraine

Слайд 2

General area - 603,700 kv.km. The Official language – Ukrainian. Population of country - 49,000,000 chel. The capital - Kyiv of Population of the capital - 2,626,00 chel.

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Слайд 4

Azure-yellow state flag symbolizes the unity of blue sky and yellow wheat field. The little state emblem-trident-appeared first on the stals in times of Volodymyr the Great. They root deeply in ancient times and have symbolic meaning.

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In obedience to Constitution, to accepted on June, 28, 1996, Ukraine is the sovereign and independent, democratic, social, legal state. A country's leader is President which is elected all citizens by a term on p''yat' years. The unique organ of legislature is Verkhovna Rada - unicameral parliament which is elected a term on 4 years. Executive power in Ukraine is carried out by Cabinet at the head with a prem''er-minister, yakogopriznachae President on a concordance with Verkhovna Rada. Ukraine is territorial.

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Completed by the pupil of the 10-form Valenok Natalia.

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