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Welcome to Ukraine

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Welcome to Ukraine

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Слайд 1

Welcome to Ukraine

Слайд 2

Geographical position Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. It is situated in the centre of Europe and borders on Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. On the south it is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Слайд 3

Territory The major part of the territory is flat and only 5% of the whole territory is mountainous. The two mountainous areas in Ukraine are the Carpathian Mountains and the Crimean Mountains, but they are not very high. The highest mountain is Hoverla.

Слайд 4

Rivers The longest river of Ukraine is the Dnipro. The main rivers are the Dniester, the Buh, the Donets and others.

Слайд 5

Climate The climate of the country is mild and soft in the west and in the centre, warm and dry in the east and hot in the south.

Слайд 6

Population The population of Ukraine is about 47 mln inhabitants. Many nationalities inhabit our country: Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Moldavians, Jews, Greeks, etc.

Слайд 7

Capital The capital city of Ukraine is Kyiv. It stands on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper. Kyiv is an industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Ukraine. Its population is over 3 mln inhabitants. As one of the oldest cities of Europe it has many places of interest:St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Golden Gate, Mykhailivska Church and others.

Слайд 8

KEY FACTS Official name: Ukraine Area: over 603,000 square km Borders on: Poland, Russia, Belarus, Hungary,Moldova, Slovakia, Romania Population: 47 mln people Main river: the Dnieper Capital: Kyiv

Слайд 9

Recourses: O.Karpiuk. English 8/Pupils book.- Ternopil, 2008.-200p. П.Бех. Англійська мова:начальний посібник.- К.:Либідь, 1992.-272с. http://www.tryukraine.com/photos/kiev/city.shtml http://ukrreferat.com/pics/

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