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Презентація на тему:
The world of money

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The world of money

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Слайд 1

The world of money Prezentacii.com

Слайд 2

The history of money The idea of money is one of the most fascinating ever developed by man. Thousands of years ago money was not used, the «barter» system existed. People exchanged goods with each other. Then such things as beads, shells, salt, skins and even cattle came to be used as money. But they were not easy to store and carry about.

Слайд 3

The history of money

Слайд 4

The history of money Coins were first used in China. In ancient times they were made of either gold or silver. Later people began to use coins made of cheaper metals. The coins are worth the amount stamped on them and it is backed by the government and banks. People also started to use paper money.

Слайд 5

The history of money

Слайд 6

The history of money Today we pay with coins, paper money, cheques, credit cards or traveller’s cheques.In other words we pay cash, by check or by card.

Слайд 7

What makes money valuable? There are 4 main things that money does for you. First, it makes possible exchange and trade. Second, it is used to measure and compare the values of various things. Third, money is a «storehouse of value». Fourth, it serves as a «standard for future payments».

Слайд 8

Do you get pocket money? How much a week? What for? for lunch for bus fares for entertaining(cafes,cinema,presents,clubs) to pay for private lessons

Слайд 9

Do you get pocket money?

Слайд 10

Do you earn money yourself? Why? to feel independent not to depend on your parents’ purse to be treated like a child What kind of work can teenagers do? to have a part-time job, a job which doesn’t need any special qualifications to wash cars, baby-sit, deliver mail, sell newspapers or cosmetics, give out ads etc.

Слайд 11

Do you earn money yourself?

Слайд 12

Do you tell your parents what you spend your money on? Do you try to avoid it? Do you even have to lie to them sometimes? Why ? We are close, they understand my needs. They don’t approve of my way of life and would never let me buy some things I need.