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Образ "маленької людини"

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Образ "маленької людини"

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Слайд 1

Prepared by Alina Korol From 9-A Electric motor

Слайд 2

The first electric motor with rotation of the working shaft was created in 1834 by physicist and academician Boris Jacobi. But for the first time the idea of creating a more modern electric motor with a rotary motion was expressed by the English scientist V. Ricci in 1833. The Jacobi engine consisted of two groups of electromagnets. The alternating change in the polarity of the moving electromagnets occurred through a special switch. The principle of this device is used in some modern electric motors. The engine power was 15 W, with rotor speed of 80-120 rpm Electric motor

Слайд 3

Today, electric motors are used in a variety of household appliances, for example: washing machines, microwave ovens, VCRs, hard disks, CD players, fans, lawn mowers, etc .; in large quantities used in: machines, equipment, robotics, toys, electronic equipment. The importance of electric motors for today's modern industrial society is also reflected in energy consumption: the share of electric motors accounts for more than 50 percent of electricity consumption, for example, in Germany

Слайд 4

Electric power of the electric motor - the greatest useful power on the shaft of the engine, due to the mode of operation, without overheating the windings above the norm, which is determined by the class of insulation resistance of the winding of the engine

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