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Презентація на тему:
Youth culture

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Youth culture

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Today we often hear that habits and preferences of modern youth have changed completely. We also always hear that today’s teens don’t behave in the same way like their parents did. Our culture especially youth culture has altered too, because young people are more sensitive to all changes than older people. Youth culture consists of several different parts.

Слайд 3

First, maybe the most noticeable of them is youth fashion. The clothes modern teens wear has changed completely. For example modern girls vibrate from one extreme to another. Now they wear either extremely long dresses or extremely short dresses. They also use a lot of makeup.

Слайд 4

Either boys or girls today dye their hair in bright colors, wear boots with high soles, they also wear bouffant clothes and wear sunglasses with glasses of different colors for example violet, yellow, green e.t.c.

Слайд 5

Second part of youth culture is music. Modern music consists of several styles and types: rap, pop, rave, techno, folk, hip-hop, rock, house, progressive house and so on. But the most popular music today is electronic music. This music is the main component of music in nightclubs. Usually this kind of music doesn’t have any words. Electronic music became essential part of youth day-to-day life

Слайд 6

Sport, the third part of youth culture is still very popular among teenagers. But the reasons why people go in for sport today have changed completely. Most people today go in for sport because it has become prestigious.

Слайд 7

Youth culture consists of many parts of our life. Youth culture is changing so rapidly that in several years most of our modern things will be considered outdated.

Слайд 8

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