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Youth subculture

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Youth subculture

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The subculture „PUNK” was created in the early 70s in the UK. Characteristic feature of the young people it was a battle against everything nice and tidy. creation date of July 6, 1976, the Sex Pistols concert

Слайд 3

Their trademark is the clothes, hairstyle Clothing with metal Chains and a punk Mohawk The Punk Music band’s for example are : SEX PISTOLS & THE CLASH MOHAWK Chains

Слайд 4

The creators of this style are: Malcolm McLaren Bernard Rhodes Jamie Reid

Слайд 5

Subculture developed in the early 70s Twentieth century was created in Britain and the United States, however, metalworkers can be found in many countries. Fans of heavy metal Music make up the community.

Слайд 6

Style Clothing Classic style is long hair metalheads, tight jeans, white trainers, denim vests. They are also a sign of T-shirts and badges with shells Tight Jeans Denim Vests Shoes with spikes Shell

Слайд 7

Music has a heavy sound and worship Satan Metalhead believe that the most important to them is "... total dedication to Music metal Gesture known for concerts is Mano cornuta

Слайд 8

Subculture arose in the late 70th and 80s Twentieth century post-punk movement. Is associated with Gothic Music coming from cold wave, in addition. Goths listen to Gothic metal, doom metal. People of this Subculture is characterized by the distance to the world, verbal praise of death, sometimes passionate and romantic approach to life

Слайд 9

STYLE CLOTHING Dominates in Goth black mixed with red and violet. Typical costumes are ready retro dresses, black leather jackets and pants, and dark glasses. There are also other combinations. important element is to make-up: pale face, black nails, lips and bloodshot eyes firmly underlined. Other features are willing to look long hair, jewelry, and pointy shoes.

Слайд 10

Characteristic features are the black cats, candles, bats, cobwebs, shadows, darkness, graveyards, the occult, long hair, silver jewelry, etc cobwebs graveyard silver jewelry

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Слайд 13

Create in Jamaica in the late 60's, gathering the young people of the Negro communities. In Poland it is also a large number of people inspired by the ideology of this Subculture. Is associated with reggae Music and ganja

Слайд 14

CLOTHES An important element of the costume are : Dreadlocks Sweatshirt rasta, T-shirts in the rasta colors: yellow, red and green.

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