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Small crafts replaced the serious forms of entertainment, including theater activities, trips to the cinema and opera.

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English children also had their own forms of entertainment. Just a few decades ago, the main entertainment was board games, among which there were many interesting specimens. We enthusiastically played Battleship, hockey or football, arguing about checkers and chess. But progress is forced to forget about the old play.

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Today, all these things are replaced by a device known as a personal computer. When creating this technical device, its purpose was to perform complex calculations and analyzes, but now the computer - a multimedia center for the whole English family.

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Those wishing to listen to the music can always do that when the audio player software, and you can watch your favorite TV series on the license disc using DVD-rom. Kids will love the computer in the form of entertainment called computer games.

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Слайд 10

Among them are slot machines that allow you to plunge into the world of historic battles. Special attention is occupied by various simulators. Some of these games are made so believable that are part of the training for future pilots or drivers.

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Слайд 12

The computer is important for today's society when the world is filled with various electronics, the computer becomes the first object with which you should be familiar. England is in step with the times, but because all the schools are equipped with computers latest model.

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