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Презентація на тему:
To be british

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To be british

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Слайд 1

Trying to explain what the British are is the same as attempting to describe the difference between Europe and Asia in one sentence.

Слайд 2

Britain-or great Britain is the name for England , Wales and Scotland. Britain is the eighth largest island in the world. The British isles is the name for England, Scotland, Wales, both parts of Ireland, the isle of Man and the Channel Island. The United Kingdom is England Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The British government is the government of the UK. People who live in Britain are called British. Many people think that English is the same as British. But England is only one of the four nations in the UK. The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are British too. They sometimes get angry when they are called English.

Слайд 3

Britain’s flags on white background of St George for England, the white X on St Andrew for Scotland, and the red X on white background of St Patrick for Ireland. Of course, each country in Britain also has its own flag. It’s worth remembering that the Union Jack is more popular in England that in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The reason is that the Welsh, Scottish and Irish and do not like being reminded of the time when they lost their independence to England.

Слайд 4

The British like to have fun with their flag. They put it on party hats, bags, socks and even wigs. But they do not like to talk about or show their patriotic feelings. They feel too ambrrassed. But in certain occasions, like a royal anniversary or a football match, they foget to be embrrassed...

Слайд 5

Most British people speak English, but Gaelic is also spoken by over half a million people in many other languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Chinese. Most British are Protestants. Besides Protestantism and Catholicism there are a lot of different religions Britain today. The most famous traditional British dress is the Scottish kilt. The particular pattern of tartan, the checked fabric from which Scottish national dress is made, represents the family clan that the person is from. Many people think that Scottish men wear kilts every day. This not true! Kilts are only worn on special occasions such as weddings or dances.

Слайд 6

The Scots, the Welsh the Irish are very proud their national songs. When the English play football against Scotland or Wales, the Scots sing Flower of Scotland and the Wales, the Welsh sing song is the same as the British national song is the same as the British national song-God Save the Queen. This is where things become even more complicated. Although the live on the same island, it is wrong to say that the English are just like the Scottish, Irish or Welsh. Of course, For example, it is true that British people often talk about the weather, especially if they don’t know each often very Russian people: they don’t like to show their emotions and they don’t make friends easily with strangers. It also seems to be true that British are not very good at learning foreign languages. However, that are certain things that make an Englishman different from an Irishman or a Welshman from a Scotsman. Take , for example, the famous English cup of tea. Nowhere else in Britain a cup of tea plays such an important role as it does in England. Tea is not just a drink, it’s a whole English institution. In joy and trouble, a good cup of tea is what makes English people cope with whatever life throws at them. In England, if you need to hire workmen to fix your roof or do some other work like that, make sure that hot cups of tea are in good supply or you might find yourself with a roof that leaks worse than before.

Слайд 7

You can tell I am british because...

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