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Презентація на тему:
"Youth Subcultures nowadays"

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"Youth Subcultures nowadays"

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Слайд 1

Youth Subcultures nowadays

Слайд 2

Subcultures are the groupings, that have interests different from those of the mainstream culture. Different subcultures have their own believes, value systems, fashion and favorite music. A particular cultural grouping is a way for young people to express their individuality. Now I’d like to say about the most important and well-known youth subcultures.

Слайд 3

PUNKS In English dictionary the word ‘punk’ means something worthless and useless.

Слайд 4

The ideology of punks is quite simple: “Say “NO” to everything”. They only want to express their individuality in a shocking way – brightly colored hair, metal chains. They always wear dirty clothes and never wash themselves. They use vulgar language. Usually punks are drugs consumers. Punk-Rock music is very loud and aggressive.

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

SKINHEADS Skinheads are becoming more popular every day. They wear black clothes and heavy boots. Skinheads’ ideology is to beat all foreigners living in any country.

Слайд 7

The main trouble about skins in Ukraine is that lots of them are extremely aggressive and violent. Skinheads consider themselves to be real patriots. But none of them is eager to join our army. They prefer to demonstrate their power to people who can’t answer them.

Слайд 8

Слайд 9

Hippie Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution, and some used drugs such as cannabis, LSD, and psilocybin mushrooms to explore altered states of consciousness.

Слайд 10

Слайд 11

Emo The term emo is short for emotional hardcore Emo subculture values expressing their emotions through fashion or music. They also value acceptance, since most of them feel indifferent and unwanted by others . Emos believe after death they will be regenerated and go to a better world. They also worship death, pain, and heartache

Слайд 12

Emos wear black or dark colors as a base color. This shows feelings like sulking, fear, mysteriousness, and confidence. The dark make-up they wear around their(boys&girls) eyes with long hair covering a side of their face, shows them trying to avoid unnecessary attention.   Wear tight clothes to show their sensitivity and fragility The thick, black framed and horn rimmed glasses show their intellectual side and their love of reading. They wear other colors like pink, purple, red, blue, green, etc. to show other feelings such as: happy, sad, irritated, etc.. 

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

Goth The Goth subculture has associated tastes in music, aesthetics, and fashion. The music of the Goth subculture encompasses a number of different styles, including Gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, ethereal, dark ambient, industrial music, and neoclassical. Styles of dress within the subculture range from deathrock, punk, and Victorian styles, or combinations of the above, most often with dark attire, makeup, and hair.

Слайд 15

Gothic fashion is stereotyped as conspicuously dark, eerie, mysterious, complex, and very exotic. Typical Gothic fashion includes dyed black hair, dark eyeliner, black fingernails, black period-styled clothing; Goths may or may not have piercings. Styles are often borrowed from the Elizabethan, Victorian or medieval period and often express pagan, occult or other religious imagery. Gothic fashion may also have silver jewelry.

Слайд 16

Слайд 17

Thank you for your attention !

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