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Презентація на тему:
Why do people learn English?

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Why do people learn English?

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Слайд 1

Why do people learn English? Why? to have to study it at school to get a better job to live in an English-speaking countries to understand films and Songs in English useful when you travel to communicate with people in the world gives a chance to meet new people to study at a university

Слайд 2

Teenage years school first love bad habits exams subcultures dating fun free time life style personal problems violence duties friends hobbies

Слайд 3

What Emotions Do You Feel? Positive Emotions Negative Emotions I Feel… Satisfaction Happiness Success Proud Joy Unsatisfaction Sadness Fear Tired Why? Because I… worked hard didn’t relax was active get a good (bad) mark liked (didn’t like) the lesson

Слайд 4

I like… I prefer … I like watching (I watch)… I buy … with my pocket money. My favourite sport is…

Слайд 5

What word is odd? 1.love, flowers, summer, Valentine 2. Christmas, Santa Clause, presents, pumpkin 3. celebrate, jump, invite, wish 4. birthday, candle, office, presents 5. wish, telegram, room, greeting card 6. witch, dish, costume, jack-o'-lantern 7. balloon, chocolate, eggs, church

Слайд 6

WHAT DOES CHRISTMAS MEAN TO YOU? _ to make a Christmas cake, Christmas cracker, _ to write Christmas cards, _ to sing Christmas carols, _ to prepare Christmas dinner, _ on Christmas Eve, _ to hang Christmas stockings, _ to decorate a Christmas tree, walls, doors, windows _ a celebration of Jesus' birthday _ to buy/to give/to open gifts, presents _ My family celebrates … _to spend time with smb, _ to celebrate the birth of Jesus, _to get together with old friends, _ to talk about what we liked about our Christmas, _ the first church service

Слайд 7

True\false statements In Russia boys have to join the army at 16. In Russia you can buy fireworks at any age. In Russia young people can vote at the age of 18. In Russia you can get married before you can get a driving license. The law forbids you to buy cigarettes at 15. In Russia you can ask for a passport at 14. In Russia children can get part time gob at 12. In Russia the law makes you responsible for your criminal actions at the age of 16.

Слайд 8

Слайд 9

W. Churchill Princess Diana R. Baden-Powell Ch. Wren R. Kipling H. Nelson H. Ford F. Nightingale W. Shakespeare outstanding politician skillful admiral legendary playwright famous nurse the people's princess well-known writer talented architect world-famous officer a symbol of industrial technology WAS

Слайд 10

WHAT ARE THE ENGLISH PEOPLE LIKE? ENGLISH ARE KNOWN TO BE …………….. Friendly, boastful, easy-going hospitable reserved fond of sports emotional have a sense of humour lazy conservative

Слайд 11

Xmas pudding, Xmas tree, Xmas time is gay and free. Xmas bells sing “ding-dong”, It’s a merry Xmas song!

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