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Презентація на тему:
Вживання означеного артикля "The"

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Вживання означеного артикля "The"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

“ The ”

Слайд 2

Nouns which are unique the Moon, the Sun, the Earth

Слайд 3

Deserts Mountain ranges Oceans Seas Rivers the Thames the Nile the Sahara the Kalahari the Black Sea the Asov Sea the Alps the Carpathians the Pacific Ocean the Atlantic Ocean

Слайд 4

Countries with words “State”, “Kingdom”, “Republic” Islands and groups of islands Nationality words and families Famous places and sights the National Gallery the Acropolis the British the Japanese the Browns The United Kingdom The USA The Federal Republic of Germany the British Islands the Philippines

Слайд 5

morning afternoon evening hotels cinemas theatres museums ships organizations newspapers magazines musical instruments the names of: the words: the piano the violin the guitar in the morning in the afternoon in the evening the Hilton Hotel the Apollo Theatre the Canon Cinema the Times the Wax Museum the Titanic The United Nation Organization

Слайд 6

the names of meals, games, sports the names of continents, countries, cities, streets, parks the proper names breakfast golf lunch basketball aerobics tennis Africa Canada London Hyde Park Oxford Street Kate George

Слайд 7

1. We visited___ Art Museum when we were in ___ Paris. 2. ___Atlantic Ocean is larger than ____Indian Ocean. 3. ___ Japanese export a lot of cars. Some of them are sold in ___ Ukraine. 4. What time do you have __ breakfast? I have it at 8 o’clock in __ morning. 5. My mother brought me some shoes. ____shoes were very expensive. 7. I like to play ___ volleyball and lie in ___ sun during my summer holidays. 8. ____ American live in _____USA. 9. ____ Regent Street is a street in the West End of _____ London. 10. What is the capital of _____ Canada? It is ______ Ottawa. 6. She can play ___ guitar and ___ piano.

Слайд 8

You have known the definite article well! I wish you good luck in further learning English!

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