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Укр кухня

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Укр кухня

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Слайд 1

Presentation on the theme: Turkish cuisine Prepared by a student of Grade 11-G Dovgopol Olga

Слайд 2

History of Turkish cuisine Turkish cuisine has evolved over the centuries and takes its roots in the culinary traditions of nomadic Turkic tribes, which in turn was influenced by Indian, Iranian, Arab, Mediterranean cuisines, as well as cuisines of the peoples of the Caucasus and the demands of Islam. All this, under the influence of Turkish culture, customs and lifestyle led to the emergence of modern Turkish cuisine.

Слайд 3

Kavalti - Turkish Breakfast "Kavalti" from Turkish translates as "to coffee". Breakfast in this country is usually varied and rich. As a rule, the morning menu consists of products such as: cucumbers; different types of cheese; butter; tomatoes; fermented milk "cream"; olives; feta cheese; honey; jam. In addition, there are bacon, bagels or cookies and buns on the table. The traditional meal for breakfast is "menemen". The dish includes olive oil, eggs, green peppers and onions. They have Turkish tea for breakfast.

Слайд 4

Turkish dinner The main course at the dining table is meat (lamb or beef). Often, Turkish citizens prepare the “Dener Kebab”. It's a big sandwich. It consists of finely chopped roast beef (or lamb), which is wrapped in a cake. Sometimes meat and vegetables are served as a side dish to vegetables and rice.

Слайд 5

There is also a Turkish pizza in this country called "Lahmajun". This dish is prepared only by men. They make pizza from thinly rolled dough. Bake in the oven with minced meat, onions and tomatoes. Turkish pizza is different from our usual pizza. Washed all the "ayran". It is a drink that comes out when mixing water, salt (crumbs) and yogurt.

Слайд 6

Classic dinner in Turkey The evening meal with appetizers begins. Then dinner continues with the main course. The meal ends with a taste of aromatic coffee with spices.

Слайд 7

Dolma - these are stuffed with floating grape leaves. Another appetizer for dinner is “sarma”. This dish is cabbage leaves that are stuffed with pilaf. Usually cold vegetables are prepared from different vegetables. Cold snacks are usually prepared from a mixture of vegetables. The main course is meat. It can be a kebab, ribs and chops.

Слайд 8

Turkish Kebabs Kebabs are the common name for meat dishes cooked on a skewer. Also popular meat dishes are: Berek - bagels with minced meat, herbs and cheese. Adana kebab - grilled minced meat (roasted). Iskender-kebab - lamb marinated in tomato sauce with melted butter, slices of meadow.

Слайд 9

Turkish Sweets and Baking Turkey's spicy sweets are known all over the world. Popular treats are baklava, rhubarb (pie with syrup) and turkish delight.

Слайд 10

Baklava This traditional Turkish sweet was first prepared in 1453 for the Sultan Mehmet El-Fatish, the conqueror of Constantinople. The sultan and his associates liked the dessert so much that from that day not a single feast in noble Turkish families was complete without baklava. And it’s still hard to imagine a Turkish-style lunch without this treat.

Слайд 11

Turkish Delight Turkish delight was a favorite treat of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The confectioner, Haji Bekir, presented these "pieces of pleasure" to his ruler after returning from Mecca. Real Turkish delight is made from water, starch, sugar and essence from rose petals. The recipe has been around for over 500 years.

Слайд 12

Thank you for attention!

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