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Презентація на тему:
The World of Animals

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The World of Animals

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

The World of Animals Ледовских Светлана Николаевна,

Слайд 2

I. Guess the riddles. a) Long-ears, long-ears, Hop, hop, and hop! Long-ears, long-ears, Never stop. They like carrots, They like hay. They grow longer From day to day. b) Who is the king of the animal world? c) It is a domestic animal. It likes fish. d) This animal like grass, gives milk. e) Not a horseman, but wears spurs (шпоры). Not a watchman, but wakes people up.

Слайд 3

II. What animals can you see here? 1. An elephant 2. A tiger 3. A pig 4. A rabbit 5. A kangaroo 6. A giraffe 7. A frog 8. A dove

Слайд 4

III. Look and say Whose paws are these? Whose tail is it? Whose eyes are these? Whose ears are these? Whose legs are these? Whose head is it?

Слайд 5

IV. Match the picture to the word 1. 2. 3. 4. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A. A duck B. A sheep C. An elephant D. A cow E. A hen F. A tiger G. A camel H. A horse I. A cockerel 1F, 2E, 3H, 4B, 5I, 6G, 7C, 8A, 9D.

Слайд 6

V. Who can find the most animals? Wolf, fish, shark, kangaroo, owl, leopard, dog

Слайд 7

VI. Write the names of the animals correctly: god, nilo, getri, nomeky, omuse, sohre, rabe, shpee. Dog, lion, tiger, monkey, mouse, horse, bear, sheep.

Слайд 8

VII. Match the name of the animal and its description. 1. The animal is timid and shy. Bear 2. The animal has a red bushy tail. Zebra 3. The animal sleeps all winter in a den. Lion 4. The animal can live without food and water for a long time. Fox 5. The animal with a beautiful white skin with black stripes. Rabbit 6. The animal has long hair around its neck. Camel

Слайд 9

VIII. Compare these animals, using as many adjectives as possible: ( strong, weak, big, small, kind, angry, fat, thin, clever, cunning, slow, quick)

Слайд 10

IX. Finish the saying As hungry as ... As brave as ... As cunning as ... As heavy as ... As dirty as ... As tall as ... A busy as ... As funny as ... As slow as ...

Слайд 11

X. Do you agree? These animals give wool: a sheep, a camel, a dog, a cat. A cat. People drink milk of these animals: a cow, a goat, a sheep, a horse. People use fur of these animals to making hats: a fox, a dog, a rabbit, a sheep. These animals can carry things and men: a camel, an elephant, a dog, a kangaroo. A kangaroo. People eat meat of these animals: a bear, a horse, a sheep, a duck.

Слайд 12

E L I O N E H N B A R I P H G O R S E A C T S N A K E T I G E R XI. Crossword puzzle

Слайд 13

XII. Read the information and decide if it is true or false. Frogs cannot live in the sea. Some frogs live in Antarctica. There are poisonous (ядовитые) frogs in Russia. Monkeys begin to roar (орать) when they see a group of other monkeys. People hear this roar up to 2.5 kilometers. Elephant can pick coins with tongue. Elephant is the cleverest animal. The cleverest domestic animals are dogs and horses. In some Russian rivers there are crocodiles. Crocodiles can hold their breath (задерживать дыхание) for more than an hour. The Nile crocodile is the largest of all the world’s crocodiles.

Слайд 14

P.S. В презентации использованы сканированные иллюстрации из книг для детей и из учебника “Enjoy English – 2” (Биболетова М.З. и др.).

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