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Слайд 2

squirrel Quickly, quickly, Hop, hop, hop Up she goes to the top, Quickly, quickly, Round and round, Down she jumps To the ground

Слайд 3

bear I like honey, yes I do And I sleep all winter too, A fur coat is what I wear Now you know, I am a bear

Слайд 4

frog I am green, I croak a lot And I leap from spot to spot I can sit upon a log I like water, I am a frog

Слайд 5

monkey I like to jump I like climb I like bananas It is fun

Слайд 6

crocodile My teeth are sharp My colour is green I am from Africa Have you ever me seen?

Слайд 7

owl In every tree or barn or tower I am waiting for the evening hour

Слайд 8

cat I like milk, yes I do I chase mice, how about you? I like to sleep, what about that? I am funny little cat !

Слайд 9

bird I am very useful I am very good You must help me in winter Giving me some food

Слайд 10

dog Dog is funny, Dog is small, It likes to run, to jump, to roll  

Слайд 11

giraffe  I eat a meal of thorns and leaves And reach to the top of the trees

Слайд 12

birds  We are birds We can fly, We can dance In the sky  

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