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Презентація на тему:
The world of advertising

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The world of advertising

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Слайд 1

The world of advertising.

Слайд 2

History of the rise of advertising Ancient traders just been exposed to competition problems, as well as modern businesses, and therefore the emergence of advertising has become quite reasonable step in the history of the economic system mankind. The oldest example of advertising, preserved to the present, is the papyrus, inform the ancient Egyptians for the sale of a slave. In ancient Mesopotamia respecting merchants had special badges that replaced their logo and trademark. In ancient Greece there was a practice of advertising engraving on stones and carving on wood poles for. In ancient Rome, coal vendors contacted for advertising messages on a specially constructed for this purpose the walls, called albumusami.

Слайд 3

Printing machine for advertising Over the next several thousand years of history of advertising is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, and so would have continued further, if in 1450, Gutenberg did not invent a unique invention - the printing press. In fairness, we note that the printing press long before it has come up with the Chinese, but for marketing purposes, they did not use it for some reason: perhaps not experienced any problems with demand. As a result, the first ad, created by the printing press, was an English ad 1478.

Слайд 4

The first English-language newspaper At the 1622nd published in print first English-language newspaper, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of advertising. In the 1630th Parisian doctor opened the first in the history of a firm specializing in print advertising. Around the same time, Steele and Addison issued "Tetler" newspaper, which was printed the text of "the great art of drawing up the advertising message."

Слайд 5

Founder of advertising The founder of the advertising in the United States was Benjamin Franklin, who published "Gazzet" in 1723. Benjamin became the founder of a thriving advertising industry. As a result, American advertising has become the most advanced in the world at that period of history.

Слайд 6

Advertising in Russia The revolution in the history of advertising has happened after the First World War, when the competition between the monopolists has reached its peak. That's when advertising started to use the methods of statistical and psychological analysis, visual arts and design. In Russia the first advertisement drew as many as at the end of XIX century. In the twentieth century, already printed promotional material and learn from the experience of more developed countries in the advertising sense.

Слайд 7

So. Since the topic of my presentation "The world of advertising", then it should be part and my ad, and I decided that the object of advertising are my favorite perfume "Little Black Dress“.

Слайд 8

Little Black Dress. The base note of flavor: ylang-ylang is a "flower of flowers" with a richly sweet feminine scent that awakens the senses. If you are clothed in very little black dress. Set is a perfume water, eau de toilette, and roll-on deodorant, body cream and deodorant body spray. When you order a set of women's gloves, "Delilah" as a gift.

Слайд 9

Always be elegant!

Слайд 10

The end! Thanks for watching!

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